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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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📁 Cheapo 500k Click/day Server

By Administrator • September 22, 2021

Get Easy & Affordable 500k Click Servers Up ASAP Basically, not a single STM soul enjoys the server side of AM. The technical aspect is a major pain for the majority of affiliates. It’s true even for many AM veterans. NOBODY LIKES YOU, SERVERS. NOBODY. Why would ye spend yer hours knee-deep in terminals, Red Bull after Red Bull, when you could be Mega-Chad-ing your campaigns? Exactly. That’s where Lazy Neo, a.k.a. @twinaxe comes in and saves us all the suffering so we can keep our campaigns humming along. “Today I will show you an easy and affordable way to set up a good infrastructure to use. In this tutorial we cover: The server CDN DNS Domains and SSL certificates This tutorial is more for beginners and exactly the way I describe it will work for up to 500k clicks per day, that has to do with the server configuration we use for it but 500k clicks per day should be enough in the beginning and keep you busy for some time” That’s 500k clicks per day. So easy even yours truly can do it. For real. >> Go get yer servers setup and give @twinaxe a thanks << [SPONSORED] Running on FB or Tiktok? How Does $7 EPC Sound? ADeer is a leading CPA network specializing in multiple verticals including Nutra, CC Sweeps, Ecom, and more. ADeer offers: Exclusive in-house offers in Nutra / CC sweeps / Ecom Top performing geos include: USA, Canada, UK, France, Germany Average EPC for the top 5 offers is $7! FB VCC (virtual credit card) solution, a.k.a. ADeer Pay, for FB/Tiktok advertising spending, with competitive rates Weekly payouts! Sign Up to ADeer now to access the hottest offers. *Special Offer for STM Subscribers:* Make $1000 in revenue with ADeer, and we’ll gift you with a free $100 deposit via our FB VCC, ADeer Pay! You can spend this on your FB/Tiktok camps! >> Sign Up to ADeer Today! << How to Find Offers The Easy Way? “Im doing some good ole spying on the tools and see certain offers being run pretty heavily. Is there an easy way to find out what networks have these offers? Aside from just asking our AMs if they have the offer.” @alexdl91 asks. The short answer? No. The long answer? @twinaxe says it’s never as simple as copying someone’s offer. @vortex reveals 7 ways you can use to dig out an offer being run. @matuloo adds an 8th way that not many know of. And @gunnar straight up links the exact offer @alexdl91’s looking for. Boom. >> Advanced Intelligence Tactics In Here << Taboola > AdSense Arbitrage? @jllopezpino: “- I saw that we could buy very cheap traffic from Taboola (from 0.01€ in ES) I have a good AdSense account (500€ to 1500€ a day). We send quality traffic to Google (0.82€ to 1.48€ in ES) 🤔” 🤔 indeed. But wait, there’s more: “So I decided to do a simple test: I put an AdSense banner on one of our advertorial. And that covered 28% of the cost of buying the clicks. Not bad.” Is it all a black & white walk in the park or are there underlying, let’s call them ‘hiccups’, ye should expect? But wait, there’s even more: “Will I be able to make some profits? Will I be able to scale it up to 50€ a day in profit? Will I get my AdSense traffic limit or a ban? Follow this thread to know :)” This man knows how to sell his own threads. Insta-subbed. >> You should go sub right now too <<

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🧪 A TikTok Experiment

By Administrator • September 15, 2021

🧪 TikTok Experiment Oi, psst_, are you an _affiliate network? Surely you’ve heard of the latest TikTok explosions happening on STM. Surely you’ve heard of mighty Big Scotty G, TikTok degen volcanoes, TikTok gen-Z kids, and big numbers accompanying each respectively? Surely, then, you’d want to pitch yer best TikTok offers in front of hungry STM professionals. @vortex has initiated a TikTok experiment, allow me to paste the thread below: Affiliate Network Reps: Pitch Us Your Best Offers for Tiktok! As in the subject. Since so many members are running on Tiktok, I thought it'd be a good idea to ask for offers openly. But please - do NOT spam this thread with offers that don't meet the following requirements! 1) Only offers that have proven performance on Tiktok. 2) Only offers that are fine with Tiktok's traffic quality (which tends to be lower than FB). 3) Please indicate whether your network's tracking platform has integration for Tiktok (pixels etc.) 4) Please mention whether you provide video content (UCG, product demo etc.) for affiliates to use in creatives. 5) Please include major KPIs, e.g. CTR, CR, CPA. Plus any other relevant info such as cap and volumes. (No inflated stats please - would be embarrassing to get called out when nobody can reach those numbers!) EDIT: P.S. A list of verticals that are known to work on Tiktok:!&p=422254&viewfull=1#post422254 >> Affiliate Networks Give Us Yer Best Offers...Now << [SPONSORED] Still Fighting over US Traffic? You’re Leaving Money on the Table Every affiliate knows how lucrative the United States can be. But that’s exactly the problem: Too many affiliates are fighting to get a share of the pie. Meanwhile, there’s another country with almost half the number of internet users as the US, that has escaped the radar of many affiliates. I’m talking about JAPAN - ranked 5th in the world for the number of internet users, only 2 places behind USA. Moreover, users in Japan have WAY more buying power than those in India (ranked 2nd) and Brazil (ranked 4th). And Japan has WAY less competition than the US. We at Zeydoo have done the research to help YOU monetize this geo - and we’ve put all the information into a PDF for your reading pleasure. You can download this PDF by clicking here. Find out from the PDF: What verticals are the most profitable Consumer psychology and behavior What creatives work best And more! Download Now: A Comprehensive Guide to Verticals, Traffic, and Leads in Zeydoo’s special PDF about Japan! Moreover: Zeydoo has prepared the best offers to help you monetize this geo! Join Zeydoo today to get access to the hottest offers. P.S. Zeydoo is preparing more useful content on other well-converting GEOs, don’t miss it! >> Don’t Wait - Join Zeydoo Now << Big ScottyG’s TikTok Pro-Tips Master ScottyG’s latest mini-update includes: Lowest cost vs Manual bid testing on TikTok. Why he’s split-testing manual bids against his 1-month-old lowest-cost control group. And why only 1 of his 6 ad groups results in half the CPA of the control group. The man himself, speaks: I've been adapting to a wonderful new world haha, life is pretty amazing when you have complete freedom. Currently flying to Italy so I can take a kayak down the river Soča and then go visit Meteora in Greece. In terms of TikTok, I'm trying to have 5 cracked ecom offers for Holiday Q4 season, got 3 right now. I'll throw up an update soon, not doing anything crazy right now, researching more. >> Micro-ScottyG-Update Here, Click-Click << Degen TikTokery Has Momentary Blip @jack_l’s explosive start, $1k/day profit in basically what are 30 seconds since launch, has finally experienced a hiccup: Alright you guys.... so for the sake of providing a sentiment counterbalance... _Newest Update_ Today has been awful lol... New Spanish ecom campaign got denied, then denied again on appeal for 4x different reasons lol... German version of that same campaign got approved... but did absolutely horrible... not a single sale and add-to-cart ratio was like 1/10th of what it was for same offer in Canada... And then a lot of my camps that were killing it a week ago have had their cpa's keep going up and are now in the red... Ahh, the sweet smell of a forthcoming challenge. Finally. Yours truly was getting worried jack was gonna have it all easy. That would’ve been un-entertaining. P.S.: @jack_l wraps up with some wisdom ye’d want to write down: Obstacles are just opportunities as they say though, so hopefully will just be a momentary blip, or twisted ankle on the ascent of Everest >> See Jack’s Purple Twisted Ankle Here <<

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🔥 $1000/day Profit on TikTok

By Administrator • September 08, 2021

$1000/day Profit on TikTok The TikTok degen saga continues: “... really enjoying this TikTok business... it feels like exploring some uncharted sea... especially outside the US/CA…” - @jack_l The TikTok sea be a rough but profitable mistress. Especially for the ones who jump in now. -First account created -First campaign uploaded -First sale made -First $100 day -First profitable day -First $500 day -First $100 profit day -First $1,000 day -First $500 profit day -10 campaigns uploaded -100 campaigns uploaded -1000 campaigns uploaded -First $10,000 day -First $1,000 profit day -First $100,000 day (shooting big here!) -First $10,000 profit day A $1,000 profit day like it’s nothing. There was no magic stick nor spells. @jack_l put in the work: “1) 9 of my first 10 days on TikTok were in the red... 2) Have had a bunch of camps fail too... “ Emotional snowflakes beware, these next few words may make ye feel all warm and fuzzy inside: “Also... as far as random thoughts go... I could not even imagine trying to do this were it not for STM and ScottyG and zeno and cassshy and jaybot and everyone else... hard to even put into words what a huge advantage it is being part of a community like this... “ >> Go Get That TikTok Link & Sub << [SPONSORED] How Much Do Affiliate Marketers Make? Many newbies ask questions like “how much can I make as an affiliate marketer?” More than 80% of brands are now using affiliates to promote their products. So there is a lot of money to be made as an affiliate in 2021. (For some of the highest-converting offers, check out VIP Response.) Average Numbers There are stories like how Tom Dupuis’s annual affiliate income went from > $20k to $150k over the span of a few years. Then there are stories of new affiliates struggling to turn a profit. The differences in affiliate income can be large, with the average affiliate income being $20-30k per year. BloggingX estimates the average conversion rate to be 1%-5%. Some affiliates are happy with less than 1%, while others are dissatisfied with anything below 25%. Each case is different. It Takes Effort Some beginners don’t realize that large-scale affiliate marketing requires time, work, and money. Investment is always involved. That means learning as much as you can about your traffic source, finding your vertical and niche, trying different offers to identify the best one, and scaling top performers. Financial investment is of course also required. Tips For Newbies Here are some tips: Start with something that has an easy conversion flow, even if it comes with a lower payout. Ask your AM for offers that have proven performance. For some of the highest-converting offers, check out VIP Response. Set a sufficient budget to allow for scaling. Continue to test and compare. Split testing is essential. Invest in the right tools, such as a tracker and spy tool. >> Sign Up to VIP Response For High-Converting Offers << ZERO Investment Amazon FBA? Follow-Along Ever thought ye could launch on Amazon with little to no cash-money? Without putting money in Jeff’s pockets? Possible? Perhaps. Go follow @wisdompower and see if he can make it happen. FBM (Fullfilled by Merchant) all the way babeh. He’s going to be using local merchants to fulfil his orders, which means it may just even be cheaper and a hell of a lot less hassle than Alibaba. Oh and by the way, inside this thread ye’ll find one of the most interesting ecom insights of the year... >> Dig For Amazon Gold Here << iOS14 Slaps Ecom Brand Dead “I don't even think it's the tracking, CPMs in USA have gone from $20-$25 to $50+ with worse converting traffic, using video ads we've tested hundreds of creatives but even with a 9%+ CTR a $55 cpm makes it +1.5$ per click... conversion sucks, weird traffic stalls.” - @downbytheriver Is anyone even making FB work lately or is the game all TikTok? >> See For Yerself <<

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😜 $3k in 1 Week - TikTok

By Administrator • September 01, 2021

$3,180 in 7 Days - TikTok Wisdom and lessons from our TikTok Gen Z younguns after making $3,180 in a week: Creative is KING. Don't even think 'bout running static background or slideshowy wizardies. "Shit won't work". Yer creative testing campaign should always be updated with fresh creatives. Got it? They ran this one unexpected campaign objective expecting it to tank, only it did 60% ROI. There's a downside to the objective, but it be worth it. Our Gen Z STM kids say ye should avoid Gen Z kids on TikTok ("absolutely trash"). Maybe if yer product is a ✨qUirkY gEnZ✨ product, then ye stand a chance. >> TikTok STM Brewery In Here, Go << [SPONSORED] Newbie Affiliate Promo Bundle - and Other Announcements Unless you've been living under a rock, you must have heard of Supreme Media. We're literally EVERYWHERE - working hard to get the most lucrative offers for our affiliates, and sponsoring all major industry events. We have a few quick announcements - don't miss them whatever you do! + Are you just starting out in affiliate marketing?  Grab our "Newbie Promo Bundle".  It includes everything you need to start launching campaigns: Traffic: 10% extra credits on Zeropark traffic. Spy tool: 50% off sign-up on Visto. Accounts: Discounted accounts from Farmer Jack. Tracker: 25% during the first three months of your RedTrack subscription.\ Click here to leave us a message on our contact form, and we'll get this bundle to ya! + Are you looking for a sponsor for your next event?  Click here to get in touch with us - we love collaborations! + We'll be attending MAC in October and Affiliate World in February. Seek us out and we'll discuss how to add more zeros to your revenue! We at Supreme Media can help you with your affiliate marketing regardless of your experience level. Running traffic is getting more difficult, whether it be Native, Pop, Facebook, Google, GDN, or Email. No matter what it is you need, we will go to lengths to get it for you. Take that first step - reach out to us today! >> Get in Touch with Supreme Media Right Now! << How To Conquer TikTok - Guide Prominent member @cassshy has his toes dipped in every big game, TikTok included. He posted a complete TikTok guide (screenshots and all) and ye must read it. Here's what it has: Guys this time I wanna share my experience on how to run ads with TikTok.\ Here's is what you gonna know: Offers that work Pixel setup, events Campaign setup, what type of links to use, manual bid, day parting Creatives, spy tool TikTok Issues - Rejected ads, appeals Ye get to learn how TikTok's auction model works (it's based on their eCPM model) and who gets to win bids and how. Campaign structures, general best practices, creatives, how to handle rejections, plus more. Way more. >> Let The TikTokening Commence << Check These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Follow-Along: Old Guy on His Mission to Make It The affiliate gods have been feeding @larsometer well. Really well. $X,XXX well. The graphs are all shooting upwards. Follow-Along: Reddit Side Project Big ScottyG's latest babeh -- Reddit campaigns. Remain tuned. Success Story: 81$ in revenue with 61% ROI "I am here to share my new milestone of first >50$ revenue a day with green. It took me more time to reach this point but its ok. With constant stubbornness and persistence to make things work for me, I finally made it. Special thanks to all helping hands in this forum. I love Stm" -@abitaach -- STM loves you too. Pro-tip: If ye wanna know how pro STMers manage their campaigns daily then do yerself a favour and see this thread.

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🌴 $100/Day in Big ScottyG's TikTok Utopia

By Administrator • August 27, 2021

$100/Day in Big ScottyG's TikTok Utopia Big ScottyG's explosive TikTok success kickstarted a TikTok revolution. And so began @jack_l's Degen Tiktokery drift towards ScottyG's TikTok Utopia. Others following suit. (blows Zuck a kiss). All affiliate eyeballs have target-locked TikTok -- one of the highest-ever, most active sections on STM as of late. Here are @jack_l's benchmarks, with $100 day ticked off. "Here's a list of benchmarks I'm going to include on each post from now on with each metric I hit bolded ( no exact order just general upward momentum) -First account created -First campaign uploaded -First sale made -First $100 day -First profitable day -First $500 day -First $100 profit day -First $1,000 day -First $500 profit day -10 camps uploaded -100 camps uploaded -1000 camps uploaded -First $10,000 day -First $1,000 profit day -First $100,000 day (shooting big here!) -First $10,000 profit day" Plus, there's one type of offer ye push to baby boomers (ecom gadgets, investing products, refi), and a different type of offer works on millenials - take a peek inside and see what jack_l has in store. Oh, and maybe, perhaps, conceivably, perchance, possibly -- ye did not hear this from me -- somethin-somethin' big TikTokery may or may not be in the STM works. Do ye too feel yer tummy butterflies getting excited? >> Exciting Degen Tiktokery Updates Here << [SPONSORED] 5 Reliable Metrics to Gauge Your Email Marketing Efforts - by Supreme Media's Benjamin Rose Last month I wrote about the new "Mail Privacy Protection Update" by Apple, which bans the use of the invisible pixel. While some people feel that the update will bring the newsletter boom to an end, others argue alternative metrics can measure your email activity better. Below, I'll give you 5 proven and reliable email metrics to help you plan out your campaign. Conversion Rate - Possibly the most important KPI, your CR% depends on what action you're wanting the visitor to take (e.g. subscribing to the newsletter). Clickthrough Rate - Open rates don't tell you whether subscribers are liking the newsletter content or not.  The clickthrough rate (CTR) would be a much better metric for this. Using Reader Surveys - Send out a reader survey to ask your subscribers what types of content they would like to see.  Why guess when you can find out for sure? Building API Integrations - Many companies are replacing invisible pixels with API integrations, to improve the accuracy and completeness of the data collected.  This can also improve Information security and consumer privacy. Monthly List Growth - Monthly List Growth (MLG) is by far the most important KPI.  MLG shows how much your subscriber list is growing each month, which is directly related to how effective your newsletter is. Collectively, the 5 metrics can give you insight into how effective your newsletter strategy is, and where you have room to grow. >> Sign Up to Supreme Media's Newsletter to Access More Tips Like These! << TikTok Tracking Speaking of the latest degenerate Tiktokery craze there's been a slight bump in STM's TikTok revolution: Tracking Ah yes, dem tokens ain't gonna pass themselves. An avid victim of the TikTok movement trying to figure out TikTok tracking asked for help: Tell me STMers trying to figure out TT without telling me STMers trying to figure STMers are indeed trying to figure out TT, my friend. Couple of ways ye can go about tracking this new degenerate beast: 1) The ScottyG way -- one half is 2-3 hours and finger-crossing , second half is a couple of seconds but perhaps not registering all conversions, all the time. or 2) The Papa Zeno way -- yes, the Master-Wizard himself has this figured out for FunnelFlux pro and is willing to help innocent STM nooblets set this up regardless. Note, this ain't yet officially live on FF pro, it's just Zeno helping people out. Go PM him. Where there's a will there's a way. >> Good Luck and Have Fun << Check These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Help: New to STM Looking for High ROI Methods One old-school affiliate marketer made $1.5M but has since lost it and is now looking for help and guidance. Q: SPLIT testing landers on FB?! Can ye split-test lander directly on FB without getting the banhammer? Most-likely yes, so what do ye do? Ye click the link above. Q: My Biggest Frustration, & Advice on How to Keep Campaigns From Dying Every 7-10 Days Dude's campaigns don't last more than 2 weeks. @jack_l reveals insider Revcontent secrets. Pro-tip: On TikTok, creatives are everything. And maybe we'll teach you how to make 'em. Maybe.

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🤪 New TikTok Aff Craze?

By Administrator • August 18, 2021

2 Gen-Z Kids vs TikTok "We're going to master Tiktok ads or die trying." Yours truly said TikTok's gonna be the next big affiliate traffic source. And just when Scotty G's pioneering follow-along broke through, this happened: 2 Gen-Z young'uns just popped open a follow-along, inspired by Big Scotty G himself. They plan on storming TikTok and making it work...or they'll die trying. In 2016 they dropped out of college to start a fake eyelash brand. In 2017 they jumped on the dropshipping bandwagon and made it work (see $30k screenshot above) They then did Amazon FBA with some success and tackled nutra on FB via Clickbank but the account game proved to be too much. Now? See for yerself: "Me and Chris fell into a rut for a bit. Couple weeks went by and we realized we were being p@#$%!s. Got right back to figuring out a game plan. We liked the concept of affiliate marketing since we didn't like handling all the back end work for an ecommerce store from our lash brand. Tiktok had an ads platform and we understood how to make creatives and why the good ones did well. Sounds like the best of both worlds? That about sums up our experience. No more "shiny object syndrome" and no more running away when it gets tough." The TikTok Revolution hath beginneth. >> Eyes Peeled, Ears Sharp, For TikTok Go Here & Sub << [SPONSORED] Sick of Overpaying for Proxies? Once again, we at Supreme Media have negotiated an amazing deal for our affiliates! We've paired up with ProxyEmpire, who offers mobile & residential proxies in over 150+ countries. If you are: -Sick and tired of overpaying for your residential and mobile proxies -Frustrated by strict usage and billing policies with your current provider Then prepare to be impressed! Why You Should Choose ProxyEmpire: -Pricing is consistently 40-55% lower than their competitors. -Unlimited rollover bandwidth - you can purchase a bigger package to save on bandwidth costs, and then use it over several months! -Multiple levels of targeting - including targeting by Country, State/Region, City, and ISP.  You'll get the perfect IP for your needs! -Great IP quality! No wonder most of Supreme Media's super affiliates are using ProxyEmpire to manage their social and native ad accounts! Here's the Deal... is so great, that we at Supreme Media have decided to offer our publishers an exclusive 15% bonus bandwidth to their plans! Here's how you can claim the 15% bonus bandwidth: 1) Email with the message ''I would like to claim my SUPREME MEDIA bonus''. 2) Wait for the discount code to be emailed to you - with instructions on how to redeem. >> Email to Request For Your Discount Code NOW! << Legendary Native Expert @jack_l Joins in on the Degen TikTokery Craze @jack_l just went toe-dipping into TikTok waters too. The culprit? Scotty G of course. To quote jack: "After @ScottyG penned the most inspiring follow-along in history though, how can one not be drawn to TikTok?" "I am sure my journey into the bowels of this degenerate-zoomer-labyrinth/new traffic source will be less dramatic than Scott's, but in my opinion follow-along's are the best way to learn any new traffic source" Here's another interesting quote from Jack: "Again though, thanks to Scott we know that affiliate stuff can work, and actually I can see how the platform would be amazing for stuff like refi and home improvement lead-gen if you have the right creatives." Meanwhile, Scotty G shows up in Jack's thread and drops this: "Refi, home improvement, solar all do very well. I've been throwing up 10k revenue a day in lead gen alone lately." Is your curiosity tingling? >> Subscribe to @jack_l's Degen TikTokery Now << Explore These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Tip: How to stop my manager from stealing my ideas/campaigns? Can you stop your AM/network from stealing your campaigns or do you just have to live with it? See inside. Follow-along: Direct linking automation Lazy Neo Himself (@twinaxe) is onto something, again. His master-scheme this time? Traffic Company's direct link offers + Lazy Neo's automation scripts = easy money. Subscribe for he shall update the thread when the script's ready. SEO: Buying aged domain One member's planning on buying an aged domain and has posted a whole buncha questions which @jeremie untangles. Pro-tip: In case ye haven't yet noticed, TikTok's gettin' hot.

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$104k Revenue

By Administrator • August 11, 2021

$104,710.00 Revenue With summertime comes relative STM peace and quiet for a short while. Sand in yer toes, breeze in yer hair and stats. Green stats. Observe Big Scotty G dropping in another big screenshot...with big numbers: $104,710 Revenue. Blessed be thy TikTok. Big Scotty G doesn't even pay attention - big game, small game it matters not. He's got eyes on the prey: "Hit $xxx,xxx revenue recently, didn't even notice. Things have been busy but fun. It's the end of the week I took off work, I'm going to quit and take it full time. Wish me luck homies." In the meantime, he cracked a refi offer with a $2k/day right off the bat. And keep yer eyes peeled for Big S's next big project - it'll be tubular. >> Big Scotty G's Big Game Here << [SPONSORED] The Most Profitable Verticals in Q3 of 2021 Some verticals have done incredibly well during the pandemic - and are projected to grow throughout Q3 and beyond. E-Commerce: Consumers have gotten into the habit of purchasing online during the pandemic. VIP Response’s own discount membership club Goodeess is definitely one of the best ecom offers. Dating: Finances Online projects that by 2024, online dating service users will grow from 30.4 to 35 million in the US alone. The most notable offer in this vertical is VIP Response’s in-house dating brand, Flingr. Casino: According to Mordor Intelligence, the Casino vertical is growing at almost 12% per year! Affiliates working with VIP Response are experiencing extremely high conversion rates from various casino brands. Finance: Given the state of the world, loans are regaining popularity. Health insurance, life insurance, and funeral offers are thriving during this public health crisis. Auto insurance is also soaring. And these offers are easy to convert for affiliates. Crypto: As cryptocurrencies continue to gain favor with investors, affiliate networks continue to provide more offers. VIP Response Just Got Rebranded! “After smashing the first quarter of 2021, it will be an incredible new chapter in the VIP existence of 8 years. With a brand new look and feel, more accessible site, a major step up in content marketing, and updated in-house services and solutions - VIP Response is ready and able for a new level of success, we are excited to take it to a new level.” - VIP Response founder, Ian Trip >> Sign Up to VIP Response to Crush Q3 << Affiliate-Friendly ESP pls? One STMer seeks an affiliate-friendly ESP: What can be the best Email platform for affiliates?? (affiliate friendly ESP) Consider if possible: -supports forms popus to collect emails from visitors while they read articles -supports web pushes subscribers along with emails subscriptions And STM's legendary-est moderator sheds light on why Active Campaign and GetResponse may just be the few good options. Plus, see why Manu, founder of Stack Marketer switched over from Active Campaign to Campaign Monitor. >> Go ye here for ESPs << Explore These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Knawledge: HELP: I dunno how to code STM code-nooblet requests HELP > pro-STMers deliver. I dunno, it's some weird Matrix-looking code that swings around FBCLIDs written by Big Scotty G himself. Knawledge: Payment methods & tax stuff STMer @Rhino is sick of paying taxes and fees and on their way to a million he wants to know how to not pay much if it all - STMers deliver, as per usual. Mega-Tutorial: Vortex's Massive 40-day Tutorial Go ahead and click the above link, then select Top 100, then feel yer jaws drop as you see Amy's ginormous 40-day tutorial. Go now. Pro-tip: The faster ye launch campaigns, the faster ye fail, the faster ye learn what isn't working. Timing and speed are key. Your campaigns need not be perfect. In fact, the simpler the better, and the more poorly put together the better. Just get some hot traffic to yer cold landers and validate your campaigns ASAP. No point spending hours perfecting a campaign when ye don't even know if it'll work.

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💵 $11,820 in a Day

By Administrator • August 04, 2021

💵 $11,820 in a Day How many Big Scotty G's does it take to change a lightbulb? That depends on the payout. Listen fellas -- word on the street and pics on STM walls whisper of two things: Uno. TikTok may just be the next big thing Dos. Keep yer eyeballs sharp and finger on the trigger Tres. What? Waiting for an invitation? Get to work. Onto the main bits...lookie there below for Big Scotty G hit $55,045 in a month. "It was a really good month". A good day, too: Spend $5,700.69 | Revenue $11,820 Profit $6,119.26 Scotty G cracks another offer bringing the total to 3 and has his eyes set on 10 working offers...because testing's basically free now. There's hearsay of "big secret group of millionaire marketers that buy, sell and trade 'cracked' offers with one another to make even more revenue." What if ye could trade in your profitable TikTok campaign for a YouTube one making $500k/month? As I said...eyeballs sharp and finger on the trigger. >> Big Scotty G Strikes Again...Here << [SPONSORED] 3 Unicorn Offers For Serious Affiliates Only! Affiliates working with Evolve Performance are SMASHING IT with these lucrative offers - check them out! MoneyGram: We ALL know MoneyGram! Most people use them to transfer money offline. What many people don't know - is that the online transfers portion of their business is REALLY taking off - a whopping 86% growth year over year! And this growth is FAR from saturation. Sign up today to grab YOUR piece of the MoneyGram Pie! Venue: Tired of tiny payouts? How does $80 CPA on first purchase sound (no matter how much the customer spends)? With over 3 million products and deep linking available, this is THE top-grossing offer on our network right now! What sets Venue apart is that they offer customers the ability to finance their purchases over time. They have different payment programs to suit every credit tier! Sign Up to Promote Venue Now! Lemonade: $180 payout for Homeowners insurance, and solid payouts for Renters, Life and Pet! After an impressive IPO in 2020, Lemonade is back in hyper-growth mode. We are seeing insane results on native and social platforms. Sign Up to Promote Lemonade Today! $1000 Bonus: All new affiliates that sign up in August can earn a $1000 Bonus for running traffic between August 1st - September 30th! See For Yourself - How Awesome We Are: Come meet us, the awesome Evolve Team, at ASW Meet Market Table Number: 1007.  We'll also be hosting a party for all our affiliates.** >> Sign Up with Evolve Performance and Run Our Lucrative Offers << 45% ROI, Consistently No better feelin' than reaching stable profits. And there ain't no better feeling knowing ye can do it anytime. @lilgator splashes screenshots proving he's got what it takes babeh. Next step? Add more zeros. >> Watch The Lilgator Move Here << The Follow-Along Messiah's $20,729 Revenue Did ye feel a sudden disturbance in the force? The Follow-Along Messiah (@jaybot) skipped a week of updates. Does this foretell a future of green or red screenshots? Time shall tell. In the meantime, he drops a casual $20k revenue screenshot: >> Heed His Words for He is Wise And Stubborn. Veery Stubborn. Praised Be The Jaybot << Explore These Weekly Babies Out More threads ye should check out this week: Follow along: Jaybot Revealed! Ever seen The Mysterious @Jaybot himself? He's as witty as ye'd expect. Plus, he's waiting for his check in the mail for placing a gorgeous looking STM bag on his desk. More inside. Knawledge: These Ads Suck: How can they be made better? A homegrown spytool reveals some of the top native ads. If ye like numbers, stats, statistics, STM and distrubution graphs, which you do, then click the link above. Knawledge: Facebook ads for real estate company Ever wondered what ye should charge when approached by a real estate company begging for leads? STM pros answer. In detail.

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