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7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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🤔 A Sweeps Newsletter? 📌RollerAds Exclusive Offers for STM Forum Members

By Administrator • January 20, 2021

A Sweeps Newsletter? @gobroke brewed an interesting idea. Like many affiliates, he says he’s leaving so much money on the table by not building an email list. So he came up with a plan: "So here's my general plan in random order: Get a domain and create a website. Create Content Calendar Grab several sweepstake and app offers from affiliate networks. Find 2-3 enticing offers so they will sign up. Focus on pop and push traffic. Create a Daily Newsletter Find at least 5 competitors" Go watch @Amy and @jeremie jump in and clear up all things mailing lists – from great hooks to maintaining list quality, to co-reg. But then there’s this completely unexpected post by @contentistic that pretty much presents an a-z newsletter strategy idea. He argues @gobroke hasn’t added value to his list anywhere. >> Go here to swipe email newsletter strategies << [SPONSORED] RollerAds Exclusive Offers for STM Forum Members Roller Ads is a Push Notification Advertising Network with the base of direct publishers, 100% real traffic and global reach! RollerAds exclusively monetizes all publishers utilizing SendPulse push notification services. Monetising current 10,000+ direct high quality publishers. New direct publishers who start cooperating with SendPulse, which is 100+ new registrations daily! SPECIAL OFFER FOR STM FORUM MEMBERS 21% bonus for the first deposit Promocode: RollerSTM21 Create an account, mention promocode to your account manager and launch campaigns! MINIMUM CPC RATES START FROM $0.001!** >> Create Account << BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH ROLLERADS Exclusive traffic - We exclusively provide push ads generated via SendPulse platform High traffic quality - Our traffic goes through advanced anti-fraud system before reaching your ads Global reach - We manage traffic coming from 250+ countries all over the planet Low cost - Our min. bid is $0.001 for all geos Dedication - All our partners have personal account managers who assist in boosting profits and lowering costs Coming Soon: Advertise with ONCLICK - an ideal format for grabbing and capturing the user’s attention. Create an account, ask your account manager for the access to beta test and be one of the first advertisers to benefit from the premium onclick traffic! READY TO GROW YOUR REVENUE WITH PUSH NOTIFICATION ADS? Sign up to acquire new quality leads tailored to your business without wasting your marketing budget! $40.30 Profit by @mantas .Quick update by @mantas and his newbie follow along: “Total revenue from 3 different networks: $201.60 + $4.16 + $121.62 = $327.38 Total ad-spend: $282.24 + $4.84 = $287.08 Profit: $40.30 It is $34 profit or 584% increase compared to the last week. Feels good... “ Nothing’s sweeter than your first green numbers. >> Go give @mantas some pepelove 🐸 << How Important is LP CTR on Native? Ever wondered why some affiliates swear by landing page CTR? Watch our resident native expert @platinum from The Optimizer shed light on why LP CTR can be so crucial on native. Let’s just say that if you don’t keep an eye on LP CTR, an offer that pays $20 with an average landing page to offer conversion rate of around 10% can end up with an absolutely massive deal-breaking difference between hitting profits or losing money. PS: @jack_l reveals in this thread one rockstar ecommerce offer here that worked consistently well on Revcontent in 2019… >> Grab native wisdom nuggets here <<

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💰 $14,074.34 in 1 Month 📈 Brand New Ad Format to Increase Your Profits

By Administrator • January 13, 2021

💰 $14,074.34 in 1 Month > Go gove @roiter123 your thanks and sub to his thread -- bigger numbers to come soon << [SPONSORED] Brand New Ad Format to Increase Your Profits With a new year comes new opportunities - and there’s one right in front of you! Introducing a brand new ad format to engage your users and grow your profits... The Social Bar by Adsterra! It includes these ultra-engaging ad types: Chats, surveys, messenger bubbles, in-page push, video teasers and animated banner. And it’s dynamic and customizable like no other ad format before it. Click Here to Try the Social Bar Now The Social Bar has shown 10-30x CTRs for dating, adult, software and gaming verticals compared to web push ads. CPM and CPC are available for self-serve clients, while CPA and RTB are open to managed accounts. Other advantages: Tons of genuine traffic worldwide A/B tests for up to 15 creatives Laser-focused targeting Vast reach including iOS users Mobile responsiveness 100% Google compliance ...and the best personal managers and the Partner Care team at your service 24/7. Learn What Ads Work Best with Social Bar Adsterra is a global advertising network with stellar Partner Care. The ad network offers a broad range of ad formats, payment options, fast moderation, vertical-friendly policy, and specific targeting features. Launch your campaign before January 31st and receive up to 30% bonus on your first spent deposit. (Valid for new Adsterrians only.) Choose your bonus: use the promo code FXDWYYUG to receive free $100 on your minimum $400 deposit use the promo code GCGFYMAA to receive free $300 on your minimum $1000 deposit Sign up with Adsterra, deposit the necessary amount, apply your promo code and start driving traffic! Get Record Revenue with Adsterra! @ranrev’s $501 Revenue in 2021 @ranrev just hit $501 revenue during the first week of 2021. $156 of which is pure profit. 45% ROI. Another newbie learning rapidly. Just a while ago he posted his very first profitable campaign. Now, profits pile up. Speaking of @roiter123 above – go see what 2 things @ranrev learned from his follow along. >> Go here and give @ranrev your thanks, sub, and go learn a few things << $2479 Dating Smartlink on TikTok Here’s a nice case study you don’t see often. $2479 on TikTok...using free traffic. EPC: $0.11 You read that right. TikTok. Free traffic. Total cost? $7 for a VPN. There’s a sneaky way to get improper 6-7 second videos (with a great popular tune) literally millions of views. Just make sure you follow the case study through or else you risk losing your precious millions of views. >> Go grab this before it’s gone <<

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🏦 $26,100/mo Revenue – @jaybot’s Best Month 💪 Native Ads Going Strong on TwinRed!

By Administrator • January 06, 2021

🏦 $26,100/mo Revenue – @jaybot’s Best Month  > Go see this “affiliate marketing secret to success” with yer own eyes << [SPONSORED] Native Ads Going Strong on TwinRed! Adult Ad Network TwinRed launched their brand-new native ads technology just before Christmas. Thanks to TwinReds innovative “compete” mode, which allows publishers to rotate TwinReds native widget or regular banner ads within one ad spot, depending on the revenue generated, there is plenty of inventory available. Here a selection of brand-new TwinRed native ad-spots: Imagebam .com | Category Rank: 26 Imgbox .com | Category Rank: 199 Drtuber .com | Category Rank: 112 3movs .com | Category Rank: 165 Xfatazy .com | Category Rank: 74 Top geos across all the sites are US, DE, UK, FR, AT, CA and IT. And we got more exciting news for you! Pornhub Popunders are available now! Start setting up your campaigns for the most popular adult site in the world. Sign up at TwinRed now and speak to your personal account manager about the best tips & tricks for the new native format and other formats such as popunders, video pre-rolls, banners, interstitials and push notifications to achieve your desired ROI! Redirect Links on Facebook? @zeno from FunnelFlux Pro Debunks Myths @mcstacks posted a nice thread recently to discuss whether you should use redirect links on Facebook or not. Many mods and experts jumped in to clarify things. @stickupkid explains why your lander domain should 100% match your ad account domain. @vortex explains why the degree of leniency can change and why all bans are not equal. @jeremie as usual covers some technical wizardies. @nickpeplow explains why redirects are a “NO” for him. @twinaxe shows what a lander pixel is. Additionally, see why it’s absolutely false that Facebook does not allow redirect links at all. Finally, @Zeno from FunnelFlux Pro delivers what is possibly the clearest explanation in regards to using redirects on Facebook...ever. >> Go see all redirect myths busted in this thread << Secret Outbrain Email for STM Members Inside @iwanttofly’s native follow-along you’ll find this exclusive Outbrain email for STM members. (check @vortex’s latest post in the thread for the correct email) You can use this to automatically get directed to an Outbrain rep, no matter what your ad spend is. Go see @iwantofly’s native progress so far and keep an eye out for this follow-along. He’s got some of STM’s best native experts (@platinum, @jack_l to name a few), on deck spewing secrets on how to best run campaigns on Outbrain. >> Go follow @iwantofly + grab the exclusive Outbrain email <<

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👉 Push Traffic Secrets Revealed 🎇 Push Ads Trends and Predictions for 2021

By Administrator • December 30, 2020

👉 Push Traffic Secrets Revealed What @twinaxe reveals inside this massive push traffic tutorial is too valuable to be shared publicly. Inside you’ll find: -The exact icons he uses, what makes a good and a bad icon and why 95% of his campaigns use a total of about 30 message icons -Good and bad main images plus examples (and why NOT using a main image at all is a great idea) Here’s an example of a bad image – see why it’s bad inside. -Learn why you don’t want to get salesy or advanced with the title (plus the best way to spice up titles with emojis and which ones are best) -See 2 sneaky tricks to write descriptions without even finishing the description’s sentence Plus you get to see @twinaxe’s exact testing methodology – which bits to test in the first, second and third steps for optimal results. >> Go see how STM’s top dogs run push traffic, revealing this much is practically criminal << [SPONSORED] Push Ads Trends and Predictions for 2021 The start of the new year brings questions about the future of affiliate marketing and different ad formats, especially after the rollercoaster of 2020. The RichAds team has put together a downloadable ebook, with gold tips and best practices from the best experts, on how to run ad campaigns in 2021. This e-book is now available for STM members! What's inside the e-book? ⭐ Hot tips from 7 top-experts: IamAttila, Colin Dijs, Ian Fernando, Francisco Guerreiro, KJ Rocker, Nick Lenihan, and Servando Silva ⭐ Over 50 tips on campaign launching, optimization, and scaling ⭐ Predictions for year 2021 ⭐ Never-before-shared ad creatives - revealed by the experts! Download Best Practices and Hot Predictions RichAds is a performance ad platform with HQ push and pop traffic, powered by RichPush founders: 4B+ impressions daily, 450 million push subscribers, 220 countries reach. Personal expert support - insights, creatives, and whitelists provided. Premium sources with the highest CR. Launch a Campaign Now Copywriting Case Studies @marpre001 wanted to find great copywriting case studies where the authors compare good vs bad landing pages or why something works. Find out what STMers consider must-read copywriting material. From the likes of Ca$hvertising to invaluable links to various blogs and pieces to Gary Halbert and other legendary copywriters. >> Go grab STM’s top copywriting choices <<

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💵 $15k in 2 Months – Whitehat Leadgen 📑 The Absolute Guide to Advertising in MENA

By Administrator • December 23, 2020

💵 $15k in 2 Months – Whitehat Leadgen @convertingteam just posted a super detailed Facebook case study. STM vendors take notes – great content that provides real value to us STMers gets rewarded. They ran whitehat bankrupcy leadgen offers in the US. Here are the numbers: “We managed to get to around 30% ROI or 1.3 ROAS, which is acceptable for us. After a month of testing and a month running optimised ads, we were able to make $15k profit.” Offer conversion rate: 21% Lander CTR: 40%+ Inside you’ll find their exact ads, ad copies, images, landers and advertorials used. Alongside you get to see optimization screenshots like these, showing how they managed to improve the ROIs gradually: >> Go grab this case study and start running some whitehat leadgen << [SPONSORED] Flex Your Ads – MENA Style Roll up your sleeves and get ready to belly dance! Belly what?... 😳 Ermmmm… Uhhh… Flex! 💪 When in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region, you might want to flex your abs – advertising wise. And that’s exactly what you’ll do, once you download our guide. Although belly dancing can be a very effective way to build core muscle, we’ve got an even better treat for you. >> Read all about MENA’s Audiences, Stats, and Creatives << Do it now and discover what’s the right way to: Adapt your message in sub-regions Hit the spot with consumer preferences Perform in terms of GEOs and Verticals Choose the best payment method Win at targeting methods and creatives Clearly, that’s not it! This PDF is full of goodies for you. And once you read it, you’ll find out what it means to approach this beautiful, rich, and prosperous region. But most importantly, you’ll know exactly what to avoid, and how to stay out of troubles. So hit the button 👇 and get ready to Flex your Ads! >> FREE PDF Download @larsometer Hits $470.74 in 1 Day @larsometer posted lovely stats in his follow along just recently: $470 Revenue $176.51 Cost $294.10 Profit 166.62% ROI In just 1 day. “Yesterday I had two reasons to shed some tears; pure happiness and a huge relief.” - @larsometer Here’s a valuable lesson from the man himself: “I know that this was an extraordinary day. BUT... this day showed me and let me feel what is possible for me in the AM world. Compared to me beginner's successes this result was not just pure luck. It is rather that I improved my skills to catch the luck which is around me more systematically.” - @larsometer If that doesn’t sum up affiliate marketing and business in general I don’t know what will. Opportunity meets preparation. Additionally, go in there and see @twinaxe give solid advice to @larsometer on exactly how to scale his 3 most profitable campaigns even further. >> Go here and watch another STM pro in the making <<

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💹 These MMO Offers Are Killing it on Native 📈 How to Increase Your CR and Lower Your Costs

By Administrator • December 15, 2020

💹 These MMO Offers Are Killing it on Native @revale tried to launch his first native campaign on Taboola with an MMO offer. It got rejected for the following reasons: Claiming financial freedom (not allowed) Exact money-making amount claims (not allowed) Terms and Conditions in English - not French Missing video transcrip / fast-forward and rewind buttons Use of racy/unrealted images in creatives @jack_l explains why Outbrain and Taboola aren’t good options and where to try running these offers instead. Plus he reveals one email-submit angle that’s killing it on Taboola. Additionally, you get to see just how expensive native is. >> Go see how the pros run MMO offers on native << [SPONSORED] Here’s How to Increase Your CR and Lower Your Costs Smart Retargeting is Real! And we can teach you how to do it! How are these for facts? 4.5% of our converted users return within 9 days from the conversion date. Between Onclick and Push, an average of 45% of users convert on the same vertical. eCommerce is one of the verticals that attract repeated conversions on both Push and Onclick. Curious to find out more about one of the most affordable money-making strategies from the affiliate world? Then join us, on the 16th of December, at 3 pm GMT. Join Webinar We’re all about transparent answers to burning questions What verticals bring more repeated conversions on Push? What about on Pops? What to do with those who convert – include or exclude? Get premium insight, only by joining the quality discussion between Konsta Kafkalias and Fedor Tomashevich. Register now & meet them on the 16th. And trust me, you want to do it. Why? Cause they’re Account Strategists, Format Gurus, and Optimization Grand Masters. Here’s what they’ll explain: Saving Time & Money With Retargeting Segmenting & Maximizing Campaign’s Effectiveness Optimizing Your Campaign for Various Verticals Building Click, View, Converted & Retargeting Audiences Targeting Facebook & Google Audiences How to Achieve What Other Affiliates Already Did You don’t want to miss these golden nuggets of affiliate marketing wisdom. And probably you should already use them. So hurry and sign up! Register Now Voluum’s Affiliate Marketing Trends 2021 If you wanted to get a great birdseye view of the expected affiliate landscape in 2021, go check Voluum’s massive post. See: The most profitable niches for 2021, The hottest digital trends for 2021, The effects of COVID on affiliate marketing in 2021, How to drive user engagement, Landing page and creative trends for 2021; >> Read more << Critical Newbie Affiliate Lessons @lilgator said they’re puting a stop on his campaigns for a few weeks to save cash for his next campaign. In the meantime, he plans on building up his skills – starting with coding. “I'm currently going all in on learning coding and taking the Front End Development track on Tree House (HTML, CSS, Java). I chose this area because tech is my weakness and hiring a coder was nightmare for me last time. Being strong in tech is a big edge.” “Also I am considering posting my help for free (any VA type task) on the Job Board. I can wire frame, write basic copy, am proficient at excel etc. Would this be useful to you?” What’s surprising is @lilgator’s innocent question sparked a massive discussion. What you’ll find in this thread: @platinum’s 9 pro tips on what to focus on (and what not to focus on) as a newbie. Critical aspects. @vortex explains why you should make a logical money-based decision on whether to outsource coding or not. Plus why pops aren’t necessarily about marketing but more so about having a great system. How @matuloo has run 1000s of campaigns without needing to write code, and why having the right coder is crucial >> Go see these priceless lessons here <<

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$1.2M in 2 Months 💰 Native Ads Launched at TwinRed 🚀

By Administrator • December 09, 2020

$1.2M in 2 Months 2020 was one challenging year – everyone felt the pain of getting banned for running whitehat angles. Many struggle to choose a vertical. @cassshy delivers a great $1.2M in 2 months case study showing exactly how much whitehat leadgen can bring you in. See why you should go with direct advertisers instead of networks. And how to avoid problems with lead quality, lead discrepancy, daily caps, bans and more. Additionally, see what types of offers you should be running and what the best seasons and months are. P.S. If the word ‘bans’ worries you, @stickupkid clears things up. It’s usually the affiliates at fault, not Facebook. >> Go read @cassshy’s full case study here << [SPONSORED] Native Ads Launched at TwinRed! Adult Ad Network TwinRed has launched their native ad format which promises to bring even higher conversion rates to their advertisers, especially for those running dating, nutra and casino offers. TwinRed’s native format allows advertisers to: • Use the “crop” feature for best creative optimization on different sizes • Add a ‘call to action’, as well as brand name and headline text • Use {Browser / Country / City} macros for best performance • Test their campaigns across different sizes and layouts to ensure optimal delivery • Target direct quality traffic sources Sign up at TwinRed now and speak to your personal account manager about the best tips & tricks for this new native format! And if native is not enough for you – TwinRed’s Push Notifications are now also available via RTB! Contact to start monetizing push with TwinRed. Facebook Verticals for 2021 Speaking of @cassshy, in this thread he shows you which verticals you should focus on in 2021. Yes, lead gen being one of them. Ecommerce too, obviously. But do you think the following verticals are dead? Crypto (everyone thought it died in 2018…now there’s a way to run this without a cloaker too) Gambling – no way you say? Think again. Bigger payouts expected in 2021, too. Dating –tThanks to global lockdowns dating’s doing quite well again. And there’s one other vertical revealed inside that starts with a negative ROI but pays off in the long run. >> Go see the best Facebook verticals for 2021 right here << Plutus Toolkit - Automatic GitHub deployment using webhooks @plutus drops in yet another marvelous tool from his toolbox: Automatic GitHub deployment using webhooks Warning: This is 100% technical. Not recommended for non-techie people. Here’s an explanation in plain English from @plutus himself: You have your own server You added DNS record that point to that server You created repository with your codebase You pulled that repository on your server once You set up webserver to serve files from that repository when accessing your domain Now the script kicks in. It set up webhook module that will automatically pull any further changes from the repository when they occur. One important note is that the GitHub repository name must match document root directory name of your website. The way it works right now, is that it requires repository that is already deployed once and set up in the web server.“ P.S. There’s a massively-detailed explanation of how all of this works from a non-tech perspective thanks to @vortex asking. Plus you’ll see our other tech-wizard @jeremie chiming in and clearing a lot of confusion around Github, Amazon S3 and CDN. >> Go grab this tool and say thanks to @plutus again << Vortex’s 40-Day Tutorial Updated: Day 19: Setting Up Hosting and CDN Speaking of hosting and CDNs… @vortex just updated the 40-Day tutorial. This is Day 19: Setting Up Hosting and CDN, and oh boy is it detailed! What’s covered? Setting up Namecheap as the domain registrar, Route 53 as the DNS service provider, Amazon S3 as the webhost, and Amazon Cloudfront as the CDN. This lesson will show you how to host your landers for FREE, and show how to set it up step-by-step. >> Go check the tutorial <<

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100% You’re Not Running These Types of Offers On Native

By Administrator • December 03, 2020

100% You’re Not Running These Types of Offers On Native @platinum, one of the native wizards over at The Optimizer recently revealed a type of native campaign that: A: Nobody’s running right now. B: Is gaining traction. C: Is “a piece of cake – especially when compared with the usual lead generation or straight sale offers.” You know how many hoops you have to jump through (and how many dollars need to thrown) in order to make regular offers work on native. But this is different because you don’t even need a landing page – they’re all direct-linked. There are 2 downsides, of course, which @platinum goes over. But the biggest surprise? The sheer size of this thread. >> Not only are there details and screenshots but you also get the automation rules on a silver platter << [SPONSORED] Second Chance - Supreme Media’s “I Want it All” Giveaway If you missed Black Friday and all the amazing and supreme giveaways, don’t worry! Supreme Media is giving you a SECOND CHANCE to claim your “Everything-You-Need Affiliate Survival Kit”. So what’s in this kit? Some really killer promos, designed to help affiliates realize their full potential. And by killer we mean KILLER. And these are all exclusive deals from Supreme Media only! Check out this impressive arsenal of affiliate tools: Free money: $500 for every 10 new members you refer, plus the standard referral commission. Access to warmed up Facebook, Google and Bing ad accounts. Free subscription to STM & IAmAffiliate forums. Access to Supreme Media’s “Hot Topic” blog, where top affiliates discuss main issues and strategies twice a month. New member sign ups get to choose from - Hero 9 4K Camera - Boeplay sport earphones - PS4, XBOX, +1FTD on your 1st 5 FTDs (first-time deposit executed by the lead). Guaranteed CR% & hybrid payouts. Cloaking? - A Brand New Dedicated Crypto Cloaker >>> Cost-free! Not everybody gets a second chance in life. Miss this opportunity, and this impressive package may never be offered again. Be a smart affiliate - and do the right thing. >> Give Me the Affiliate Survival Kit - I Want it ALL << (The team at Supreme Media is constantly putting their heads together to come up with more of what you really need in terms of promos and incentives to help you reach your goals. Stay up to date with the latest promotions and gifts by following them on Facebook and Instagram. You won’t want to miss out!) Plutus Toolkit - Binom Cost Synchronizer Speaking of wizards, @plutus is a tech-wizard and he has been on a roll lately. First, his Offer URL Generator. And now this – a Binom Cost Syncronizer. Binom Cost Synchronizer is a python script that synchronizes costs in Binom using traffic sources APIs. It basically executes a python script daily using crongjobs on your server. It grabs your Binom campaigns and matches them with the traffic source campaigns based on the URL, then fetches the cost of matched campaigns for the previous day and finally updates the costs. Worry not – there are installation instructions for non-tech inclined, mere mortals too. @plutus also just got a nice reward for his continued contribution, efforts, and activity – one we don’t give lightly – a few months of free STM membership. >> Go grab his tool right now << Tired of Ad Networks flooding the threads @bako_kaye is in his full right to be pissed off: “This morning I was just going through posts and new threads and I kept on stumbling these threads where the publisher comments on his own post to grab the attention of the viewer and also to move his post forward. I'm in ad networking myself but even I think that what they do is a little extra.” In other words, thread bumps by various companies on STM. If overdone this can get extremely annoying. That’s why we’ve got specialized sections and rules that all companies are required to follow – otherwise they get a warning and then the ban hammer. @jeremie, @vortex and @matuloo jumped in to have a look. Most networks follow the rules and are compliant. Networks are allowed to bump their threads only twice a week – if you see an infraction please let us know ASAP. STM has to be kept clean and spam free. On that note, here’s a reminder of our rules: Rules for all members. Rules for all vendors. >> Go here to see the full thread <<

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