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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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⤵ [Download Now] What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 🎉 The Supreme Spring Surprise

By Administrator • March 03, 2021

[Download Now] What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 It’s here. It’s HERE! It’s live and it’s piping hot. The What’s Working in Affiliate Marketing 2021 Report is up for grabs. 300+ Pages LITTERED with gold nuggets from the very best experts across many – the world’s best affiliates, ecommerce experts, SEO experts, traffic networks, affiliate networks and spy tools. All in one massive birdseye view of what’s currently hot and what to expect in 2021. Don’t you dare enter 2021 without having gone through every single page of this sacred yearly report. Be sure to read @matuloo’s comprehensive summary. P.S. Yes the report is completely free - this is the way. >> Go get the report asap << The Supreme Spring Surprise (1) Sponsors If you’ve heard about Supreme Media (and we’re pretty sure you have). Then you’ll know they love a good sponsorship. They’re everywhere. In fact they are even sponsoring the upcoming Hookah Event by Conversion Club this week on the 5th in Kiev, Ukraine. As well as the upcoming “Extreme Event” also in Kiev on 20.04.2021. If you’re looking for sponsors and think you’d like the chance to work with them then make sure you get in touch. (2) Supreme Media are going “LIVE”. Supreme Media are joining forces with Attila Odree of iAmAffiliate. They will be launching their brand new podcast later this month and it’s going to be full of tips, advice, news, and all things Affiliation. Make sure you’re following them on Facebook to keep up with upcoming events. (3) HOT HOT HOT Title: The Supreme Affiliate Bundle That’s right Supreme Media have put together the official “Newbie Promo Bundle” Just for you newbies. What Can You expect? This Promo will include the following Traffic Source - Zeropark - 10% extra credits. Spy Tool - Visto - 50% off sign up : Promocode: Accounts - Farmer Jack - Discounted Accounts Available Tracker - RedTrack - 25% during first three months Contact A Supreme Media Affiliate Manager Today To Hear More (4) Enter Spring with New Tesla Supreme Media are giving away a brand new Tesla to their affiliates. If you’re not already, then Sign Up Now with Supreme Media now and send 500 FTD’s in the month of April to win your brand new Tesla. Is it OK to RIP someone’s landing page? Ever wondered whether ripping landers is OK? I mean, we have all been ripping each other for about over 15+ years. Would it ever be a problem? @jack_l explains that the world of copyright is somewhat ambiguous at best and explains what’s OK todo and (more importantly) what isn’t. Plus one STMer by the name of @bhal07 has a funny highly relevant story... >> More here << 1 Postback + 3 Trackers Possible? Is it possible to use 1 postback with 3 different trackers? After all, affiliate networks can only add 1 postback. So ye might think there’s no way in hell yer ever going to do this, right? Well, you’re wrong. Dead wrong. STM wizards have just revealed not 1 but 4 different ways this can be done. Here’s OP’s reaction: “I can't believe this problem could be solved in 4 different ways already lol (...) while a few days ago I was stuck.” >> Don’t believe me? Go see for yourself <<

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❤️‍🔥 These Native Offers Are Crushing It

By Administrator • February 24, 2021

❤️‍🔥 These Native Offers Are Crushing It @jack_l reveals the exact offer he’s crushing on native right now. Plus 6 more you should definitely try. The list includes a bunch from Clickbooth, an AV offer (legit one, mind you), a low-payout dating offer and search arbitrage all thanks to TheOptimizer’s integration with a particular network and @platinum for stirring up the arbitrage fires. >> GO SEE THE OFFERS NOW << [SPONSORED] RUNative - Number One Push Traffic Source for Crypto offers RUNative is the number one Push Traffic Source for Crypto - the hottest vertical around! With Bitcoin reaching new peaks, it is the best time to invest in Crypto offers! RUNative offers huge volumes of high-quality Push traffic that guarantees only the highest payouts on Crypto offers! Target over 1 billion users daily! If you are searching for new ways of boosting your revenues and leveling up your advertising game, you are in the right place! Here is what we offer to help you reach millions of users daily 👇 Fully self-serving advertising platform High converting Native, Push, Banner, and Video ad formats Best quality traffic for Crypto, Dating, Gaming, Gambling, and Sweeps offers! Lowest deposit required >> Start advertising with a deposit as low as $25! Premium Direct Inventory ...and much more! EXCLUSIVE OFFER FOR STM MEMBERS! Get $200 credit to start advertising with RUNative! Promocode: #STMRunative Scale your campaigns with us! The first 5 users that register to the RUNative platform, with the initial deposit of > $1000, will get a bonus of $200 to launch their campaigns with us! All you need to do is to create an account, send a promo code #STMRunative to your account manager, and launch your campaigns! >> Register here << New: In-Page Push format - reach millions of users across all devices and operating systems, including iOS! Great volumes of high-quality push traffic for your Crypto, Dating, and Gaming offers! >> Create Account << Here’s How STM Braces for iOS14 With iOS14 just around the corner here’s how STMers and trackers are bracing for impact. No one’s particularly worried. (Some trackers having solved potential issues ahead of time, plus tons more existing solutions) >> GO GET IOS14 SOLUTIONS << What Makes a Good Ecommerce Offer? With an affinity for e-commerce what offers do you push? A question many newbies ask. @jack_l strikes again and reveals all the types of ecom offers one can run on Facebook: Direct-response style funnels (this one offer in particular’s doing big numbers) A classic Shopify store that does it right Another classic Shopify crushing it on both Facebook and Youtube Ye also get a list of the top affiliate networks for said offers, enjoy. >> ECOMMERCE OFFERS RIGHT HERE, GO << Steal @twinaxe’s Optimizer Rules @twinaxe reveals the exact campaign optimization rules he uses to bring in big numbers with TheOptimizer And what you should do is go in there and copy them ASAP. >> YOU CAN COPY HERE << STM Gets Some Newbie Love “I'm new here as well and after looking for ways to learn affiliate marketing I gotta say STM is the best group I found. With all the information and discounts for certain services, $100/month price is kinda low. The moderators are great and all the members are extremely helpful as well.” - One happy STMer >> GO GET SOME LOVE <<

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💲 From Follow Along to $2.5M 🔎One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns

By Administrator • February 17, 2021

💲 From Follow Along to $2.5M 2 short years ago Mr. @wakeboarder, a.k.a. Tim, a.k.a. Lord of the Boars started a follow along. A few threads, actually, each more invaluable than the next: 🐗Wild Boar Liquidator and Wakeboarder JV 🏄 🚢Wakeboarders' 100-Day Challenge: The Scaleship Project – where he scaled to $XX,XXX/day 👻Warming Up for Q4 With Snapchat Follow Along Wild Boars are Attacking YouTube Ads 🐗 With ever-growing numbers like these: But now, this one is where he returns victorious. (also, look at the URL itself…it ends with ?50000 – coincidence? Methinks not.) Quote from @wakeboarder: “Two years ago I opened a follow along Wild Boar Liquidator & wakeboard JV and at the beginning, I definitely didn’t think the project would become so big. I’m confident to say that Black Fire is one of the fastest, if not the fastest-growing hunting brands in Europe. At the moment we’re doing low-mid six figures a month and I believe this is just the beginning.” The key point here is that he’s still using his deadly affiliate skills to scale way past their competitors. “We’ve managed to get on-board the biggest retailers like Decathlon and other biggest niche-specific retailers. We’re still using my affiliate skillset/mindset to compete against companies that are using traditional approaches (trade fairs, PDF catalogs lol, exclusive distributors, etc) and it looks like we will continue to do so.” - @wakeboarder In the numbers: 8 full-time employees (5 production line workers, 3 management) 3 part-time employees 6 total products B2B vs B2C revenue ratio = 62% vs 38% 80% of revenue comes from 2 countries 6% of total What’s even better is this isn’t just a success story thread. Oh no – inside, as usual, you’ll find golden nuggets. In this thread, Tim shares his 5 tactics that helped grow his brand to over $2.5M in just 2 years. P.S. Make sure you copy-paste his exact cold-email template (post 2) somewhere safe. >> Go here and keep an eye on these wild boars, will ye? << [SPONSORED] One Trick to Finding Profitable Campaigns Start creating campaigns that draw attention. Use what is already working for other affiliates to create your own campaigns that will yield results! AdPlexity is the legendary intelligence tool for tracking the ad campaigns of your competitors in the worldwide market. Thanks to the biggest database, you can see what your rivals are doing and how they're doing it. AdPlexity gives you immediate access to campaigns running on Native, Mobile, Push, Desktop, and Adult traffic. Search, find and copy the winning ads that are striking right now, analyze them, find weak spots, and improve them. Voila, you're the king! AdPlexity allows you: Access real-time data on top trending ads Narrow down your search results by using 10+ filters like dates, GEO, language, aff networks, and traffic sources, and more Search by keywords, URLs, and Publisher’s See entire campaigns: Ads, offers (& affiliate networks), landing pages, traffic sources, placements, etc. Bypass any Cloaker on your competitor’s landing page and see the real money page Find detailed campaign details like ad trends, pre-landers, ongoing and outgoing URLs, top-publishers, and more. Download Landing Pages and Ads in one click Save your time and make more money Crack the affiliate marketing, becoming the one everyone else is trying to imitate! Start creating winning ads and earning money making working campaigns with the #1 intelligence tool AdPlexity! >> Choose your weapon and get a LIFETIME DISCOUNT OF UP TO 30% OFF for BOTH MONTHLY AND ANNUAL Subscription! << @stickupkid Pops Vitamins Make sure you give this one an instant sub. @stickupkid, one of our resident FB expert mods, seems to have an affinity for domain-flipping. “Until I stumbled on (ignore the content/design etc) for a very soft price. After some months of planning to flip it I decided to execute now. There are enough websites with vitamin info, but most websites have a lot of whistles and bells, heavy loading time and bad usability.” ... “I am not going to target the fitness people, I want to educate the majority *which are taking shitty multivitamins daily without knowing what they actually do. Last year the *dutch vitamin market was around 140 million, if I can take 1% profit out of that I am happy.” >> Read more <<

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💰 4-Figure Profits With $1 Avg. Payouts? 💳 Supreme Media Perks to Help You Make More Bank

By Administrator • February 10, 2021

4-Figure Profits With $1 Avg. Payouts? Who would’ve thought a low payout offer would ever work with expensive native traffic? When can a $1 payout offer work on native and bring in 4-figure profits, completely automated and hands-off? For real – you’d say “duh, never”. But ye’d be oh-so-wrong. Just see this quote from @platinum: “One doesn't necessarily need to have a high payout offer in order to generate profits on Native - you can generate profits even with a payout ranging from $0.3 to $1.5 a conversion.” This monster-guide follows his previous guide on Running Search Feed Arbitrage Campaigns on Native – now he goes through the process of optimizing native to search feed campaigns. Broken down in 4 main topics: Finding potential good performing feeds/verticals Building a solid tracking setup Launching and optimizing the campaign Results and Key Takeaways Curious as to how this all works? Good. Because even @vortex was surprised, see below: “And here you are showing us that payouts as low as $0.30 can work - mind officially blown! With this method, we no longer need to spend 4-figures a day to optimize a native campaign (although we could!), because it takes so much less money to cut a section (or tweak its bid) than if we were promoting, say, a nutra offer with a $xx payout.” - @vortex Nothing’s impossible in our digital haven. >> See how this all works and start copying ASAP << [SPONSORED] Access the Best Crypto Offers With Supreme Media Supreme Media has some perks to help you make more bank! 1) Check out the new “Members Only Page” with promos for our affiliates – check it out! 2) ATTENTION Ukraine Affiliates. Supreme Media is sponsoring Conversion Club in hosting a second Hookah Event in Kiev, Ukraine on March 5th. The first event had 150+ attendees. Enjoy free Hookah, drink, networking and meeting like-minded people. Sign Up Here 3) Brazil Big 3 Interview: Archived footage of the never-seen-before Big 3 interview with Paul Jey, Omri Gal, and Shawn Michael. Discussed in the interview were: -Thoughts on Afiliados Summer 2019 -Facebook -The Emergance of Push -R&D with new traffic sources -Starting out and helping others -Learning & Earning from other GEOs -Data & Dedication, when starting out -Rip 'n' Run -Forum Etiquette Ask your Supreme Media AM for the interview! Or Sign Up Here to become an affiliate! 4)Top Tips from Attila Odree on Running CRYPTO on PUSH: 1 - Ask your AM which geos work best on PUSH. Pick 3. Mix of tiers 1, 2, and 3. 2 – Spy to find proven creatives. Try the FAMOUS PERSON or SOB STORY angle. 3 – Look authoritative to increase Lead to FTD Ratios! If visitors see your website as utter crap with a weird looking domain they will run. 4 – Don’t run RON! Ask your rep for a whitelist that convert the best for crypto offers. Split each zone/target into its own campaign and split that further into Desktop / Mobile / Tablet. 5 – When you find a winning ad, scale by making variants. The lander doesn’t need much work. Focus on refreshing creatives. >> Sign Up to Supreme Media to Access the Best Crypto Offers! << A List of 10,000 ClickFunnels Websites (+ more) – @plutus strikes again From the desk of @plutus (a freelance applied magician): “So, February is here... ...and I'm back.” He’s unstoppable. This time, it’s a “quickie”. A list of 10,000 ClickFunnels websites. Just like that. “I first thought about limiting access to a certain number of people but screw it.” - @plutus Better jump in and grab said list before he decides to “unscrew” it. Oh, but wait, THERE’S MORE. These same wicked wizardry spells have been applied to A List of 10,000+ Shopify Websites. Thanks, @plutus – everyone on STM. >> Grab the list of 10k CF sites here right now before it’s gone <<

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🕶️ Lazy Neo Builds His POD Empire 🥇 THE Affiliate Contest of the Year

By Administrator • February 03, 2021

🕶️ Lazy Neo Builds His POD Empire Name me a better way to spend yer day than watching an STM master like Lazy Neo build his POD empire? This being his first eCom follow along things are bound to get interesting. “But what is he doing?” Ye ask. This: Merch by Amazon Why is he doing it? Because he wants to teach you his lazy ways and show you there’s a world outside of pushing products CPA style. Why POD? Because you can turn this into an (almost) completely passive biz. Don’t believe me? Go sub here and we’ll talk again. But why Merch by Amazon? Why not something else, like TeeSpring? Well...because The Chosen One, as per usual, has _an edge_. Go see for yerself... he’s got_ friends in high places_, my friend. >> Go see now << [SPONSORED] THE Affiliate Contest of the Year Are you a high-profile affiliate with a distinct lack of Porsches in your garage? Starting out in the industry and still don’t have a spare iPhone or PS5? Maybe you are a mid-level player who wouldn’t mind flashing a new Rolex at a conference, but doesn’t feel like cutting into profits to get one? Test your limits and get what you deserve in ClickDealer Nitro! From January 18th to July 18th, running offers with ClickDealer gets you something more than positive ROI. Each revenue milestone gives you an opportunity to redeem prizes or take a shot in the raffle for a brand new Porsche Taycan 4S! Any and all of ClickDealer’s 13000+ offers count towards your progress in the contest. There are lots of exclusives and specialized offers in niche geos to explore and blow up, so it’s an absolute free-for-all, regardless of the verticals you prefer to run. Check out the full list of perks running with ClickDealer gets you. Here’s the catch: The amount of prizes in ClickDealer Nitro is limited. After all, it wouldn’t be a race if it wasn’t. It’s not only about how much you can scale, but how quickly you can get there. Ready to benchmark your performance in the affiliate race of a lifetime? Join ClickDealer Nitro, shift into high gear and take off! The Twisted Method Mighty @iAmAttila strikes again. Everyone knows FB’s trigger happy about anything even remotely smelling of an affiliate link. You just can’t run the same juicy stuff that you do on native or push. But what if you could do it all completely white hat? What if you could freely (and easily) push whichever offers ye please, completely white-hat? Then re-push and re-push and re-push whatever other offers ye please. Don’t believe me? Then you bring your lead-gen ass. And I’ll bring the link. And you start rolling dem sleeves up. >> Go see The Twisted Method << What was your "1 thing" to make you realize AM was the real deal? Legendary @matuloo asks – what was your “moment of truth” when you realized AM’s a big deal? This hugely popular thread sparked epic discussions. @matuloo says everyone hops in with a ton of doubt. And you’d be surprised at what his very own eye-opener was. What this eye-opener did was it was the catalyst – and his 1st profitable campaign closed the circle. “and made me an AM addict.” - @matuloo You then see a reply from @iAmAttila. @jack_l jumped in with a striking quote by Alex Becker – "Play your life like your body and monkey mind are a character in a video game and the real you is the controller". Coupled with interesting lessons. Plus, have you ever wondered how "Chronicles of Narnia" would make a few thousand euro within a few hours, and keep on raking in up to 8k EUR for Mr. Lazy Neo a.k.a. @twinaxe? Go hear his story. >> STM Gold inside, go here ASAP << Bookworms United – See STM’s Favourite Reads Yours truly read a shitton of books last year and does not want to ever look at anything remotely resembling letters for quite some time. I have thrown many dollarydoos on Bezzy’s lap to refill my Kindle. You get to cherry pick from these Top 10 cherry picked books here. Furthermore, turns out that there are many, many bookworms on STM. What began as a simple bragging post, now turned into a book-movement, if ye may. @jeremie’s doing the same thing and is about to read a shitton of books this year too – 52. Fifty-two books. A book a week. Plus you get to see @plutus’ list too (like many others, he has an affinity towards the real deal...paypuh baby): >> Go here ye bookworks <<

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🤑 $1k+/day 👀 Find 500+ Exclusive Direct Offers

By Administrator • January 27, 2021

🤑 $1k+/day & Scaling @fastaj has been crushing it: Quote: “I'm currently doing like 1K per day rev, I increase it by like $100 every 2-3 days steadily as a explore new traffic sources but ROI has gone down from like 70% to 35-40% but it seems to be relatively stable now as I scale.” What got him here? A great offer, coupled with exclusivity. @fastaj is the primary affiliate for this offer. He’s even asking around for this offer to be completely private and exclusive, eliminating competition entirely. Another quote: “I'm also testing some more offers, I will never stop testing since I now know there is a lot more potential in AM than I ever thought would be possible. Seriously this offer is good but not even great, the great ones must be like $100K a day” Hold your breath for a sec – all this has been done while @fastaj’s still working a fulltime job. “Scale, work and breathe” is all he does. >> “I'm more confident I can scale to 4/5K per day”... see here << [SPONSORED] Find 500+ Exclusive Direct Offers Performance Marketing & CPA Affiliate Network New generation performance marketing company. Over 500 exclusive and direct offers across the top-earning verticals. PrivateCPA is backed with years of experience to ensure our publishers achieve the best offers with the highest payouts possible. Sweepstakes, Dating, Nutra, Vod, eBooks, Downloads Offers are NEVER RE-BROKERED, We have a number of IN-HOUSE offers and also establish direct relationships with the advertisers to ensure the highest rates possible. Payment Methods: Wire, Payoneer, Paypal, Bitcoin Payment Frequency: Bi-Weekly (Default), Weekly & Daily available for established partners Whitelabel and custom landing pages available CC-TRIAL VOD & Downloads ^^ Exclusive high converting landing pages which support passing KEYWORD directly on page ^^ >> Signup here << $103.35/day Profit by @ranrev @ranrev posted an update recently hitting his first **$100/day profit. Notice how many questions he asks with each and every post. Digging deeper and deeper. His latest questions got covered by @vortex here. Why drastic behaviour swings in zones tend to happen. Should you use a universal BL vs a specific country BL. When and how to cut zones. How to use Monetizer and is $100 ad spend per day enough to generate you some income. >> Go give @ranrev a sub to his thread and read carefully if you’re a newbie << The Gary Halbert Letters Organised in Chronological Order @plutus strikes yet again! His January 2021 contribution puts all of Gary Halbeter’s letters in chronological order. Because Gary’s site is an absolute mess. Plutus found the correct order on a Wayback Machine site and put together all the correct titles. P.S. @plutus’ February 2021 contribution is going to be a Facebook Marketing API application that will help you* look up interests *(+more) without having to setup any access tokens manually. Head out to @plutus’ profile and follow the man. >> Go see Gary’s list here (+ there’s a massive 200MB PDF with all the letters packed together <<

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🤔 A Sweeps Newsletter? 📌RollerAds Exclusive Offers for STM Forum Members

By Administrator • January 20, 2021

A Sweeps Newsletter? @gobroke brewed an interesting idea. Like many affiliates, he says he’s leaving so much money on the table by not building an email list. So he came up with a plan: "So here's my general plan in random order: Get a domain and create a website. Create Content Calendar Grab several sweepstake and app offers from affiliate networks. Find 2-3 enticing offers so they will sign up. Focus on pop and push traffic. Create a Daily Newsletter Find at least 5 competitors" Go watch @Amy and @jeremie jump in and clear up all things mailing lists – from great hooks to maintaining list quality, to co-reg. But then there’s this completely unexpected post by @contentistic that pretty much presents an a-z newsletter strategy idea. He argues @gobroke hasn’t added value to his list anywhere. >> Go here to swipe email newsletter strategies << [SPONSORED] RollerAds Exclusive Offers for STM Forum Members Roller Ads is a Push Notification Advertising Network with the base of direct publishers, 100% real traffic and global reach! RollerAds exclusively monetizes all publishers utilizing SendPulse push notification services. Monetising current 10,000+ direct high quality publishers. New direct publishers who start cooperating with SendPulse, which is 100+ new registrations daily! SPECIAL OFFER FOR STM FORUM MEMBERS 21% bonus for the first deposit Promocode: RollerSTM21 Create an account, mention promocode to your account manager and launch campaigns! MINIMUM CPC RATES START FROM $0.001!** >> Create Account << BENEFITS OF WORKING WITH ROLLERADS Exclusive traffic - We exclusively provide push ads generated via SendPulse platform High traffic quality - Our traffic goes through advanced anti-fraud system before reaching your ads Global reach - We manage traffic coming from 250+ countries all over the planet Low cost - Our min. bid is $0.001 for all geos Dedication - All our partners have personal account managers who assist in boosting profits and lowering costs Coming Soon: Advertise with ONCLICK - an ideal format for grabbing and capturing the user’s attention. Create an account, ask your account manager for the access to beta test and be one of the first advertisers to benefit from the premium onclick traffic! READY TO GROW YOUR REVENUE WITH PUSH NOTIFICATION ADS? Sign up to acquire new quality leads tailored to your business without wasting your marketing budget! $40.30 Profit by @mantas .Quick update by @mantas and his newbie follow along: “Total revenue from 3 different networks: $201.60 + $4.16 + $121.62 = $327.38 Total ad-spend: $282.24 + $4.84 = $287.08 Profit: $40.30 It is $34 profit or 584% increase compared to the last week. Feels good... “ Nothing’s sweeter than your first green numbers. >> Go give @mantas some pepelove 🐸 << How Important is LP CTR on Native? Ever wondered why some affiliates swear by landing page CTR? Watch our resident native expert @platinum from The Optimizer shed light on why LP CTR can be so crucial on native. Let’s just say that if you don’t keep an eye on LP CTR, an offer that pays $20 with an average landing page to offer conversion rate of around 10% can end up with an absolutely massive deal-breaking difference between hitting profits or losing money. PS: @jack_l reveals in this thread one rockstar ecommerce offer here that worked consistently well on Revcontent in 2019… >> Grab native wisdom nuggets here <<

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💰 $14,074.34 in 1 Month 📈 Brand New Ad Format to Increase Your Profits

By Administrator • January 13, 2021

💰 $14,074.34 in 1 Month > Go gove @roiter123 your thanks and sub to his thread -- bigger numbers to come soon << [SPONSORED] Brand New Ad Format to Increase Your Profits With a new year comes new opportunities - and there’s one right in front of you! Introducing a brand new ad format to engage your users and grow your profits... The Social Bar by Adsterra! It includes these ultra-engaging ad types: Chats, surveys, messenger bubbles, in-page push, video teasers and animated banner. And it’s dynamic and customizable like no other ad format before it. Click Here to Try the Social Bar Now The Social Bar has shown 10-30x CTRs for dating, adult, software and gaming verticals compared to web push ads. CPM and CPC are available for self-serve clients, while CPA and RTB are open to managed accounts. Other advantages: Tons of genuine traffic worldwide A/B tests for up to 15 creatives Laser-focused targeting Vast reach including iOS users Mobile responsiveness 100% Google compliance ...and the best personal managers and the Partner Care team at your service 24/7. Learn What Ads Work Best with Social Bar Adsterra is a global advertising network with stellar Partner Care. The ad network offers a broad range of ad formats, payment options, fast moderation, vertical-friendly policy, and specific targeting features. Launch your campaign before January 31st and receive up to 30% bonus on your first spent deposit. (Valid for new Adsterrians only.) Choose your bonus: use the promo code FXDWYYUG to receive free $100 on your minimum $400 deposit use the promo code GCGFYMAA to receive free $300 on your minimum $1000 deposit Sign up with Adsterra, deposit the necessary amount, apply your promo code and start driving traffic! Get Record Revenue with Adsterra! @ranrev’s $501 Revenue in 2021 @ranrev just hit $501 revenue during the first week of 2021. $156 of which is pure profit. 45% ROI. Another newbie learning rapidly. Just a while ago he posted his very first profitable campaign. Now, profits pile up. Speaking of @roiter123 above – go see what 2 things @ranrev learned from his follow along. >> Go here and give @ranrev your thanks, sub, and go learn a few things << $2479 Dating Smartlink on TikTok Here’s a nice case study you don’t see often. $2479 on TikTok...using free traffic. EPC: $0.11 You read that right. TikTok. Free traffic. Total cost? $7 for a VPN. There’s a sneaky way to get improper 6-7 second videos (with a great popular tune) literally millions of views. Just make sure you follow the case study through or else you risk losing your precious millions of views. >> Go grab this before it’s gone <<

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