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STM Forum was launched late one night in January 2011 with the goal of providing case studies, guides, high quality information on a variety of topics and to act as a core networking hub for industry veterans.

7 years later we are ​ the authoritative forum on affiliate marketing and our reach continues to expand. We now provide higher education, host conferences and local networking events, and are continuing to improve and expand what the forum offers every affiliate marketer.

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🏧 $1,200 in a Day (800% ROI)

By Administrator • May 11, 2022

$1,200 In A Day, Yuge ROI Let’s start things off with dem numbers: “I made $880 today in revenue with $1,20088 being my highest **in a day on the network just last month.” – @brianaustin07 This here man made $31,670 out of about $3,500 in ad spend. According to my advanced math skillz, that ROI = fat triple-digit percentage. Or thereabouts. There are a couple of culprits responsible for such high ROIs. The network in question, Maxbounty (yes, they’re still here), is an affiliate favourite. A sweetheart, if ye may: “Great network that ALWAYS pays on time. My money hits my account every Wednesday at the same time of day” Not that we endorse anyone, but maybe they’re onto something. The second success-culprit has to do with ‘obscurity’. The man in question reveals he’s been running this bad boy for over a year. Snap this here link below in a new tab: >> Dig In Here << [SPONSORED] How to 10x Your ROI on Sweeps Sick and tired of running the same, old, boring, iPhone 13 offers? Well guess what? So is your audience! The biggest affiliates in the sweepstakes vertical know this one key to high ROI: ➡️ ➡️ ➡️ Instead of promoting iPhone 13 offers to broad audiences, they promote CUSTOMIZED sweeps offers to NICHE audiences. Think: 🔥 Cookware for Cooking Enthusiasts 🔥 Dysons Vacuums for Clean-Freak Moms 🔥 PS5 / XBOX for Hardcore Gamerz 🔥 Fashion Giftcards for Shopaholics You can LITERALLY offer ANY sweepstakes prize to ANY audience. Change the prize, and you have a new offer! Is your head buzzing with ideas yet? If you’re wondering, “but where can I find these offers with customized prizes? Here’s where we - The Fellas Ads - come in! ✅ We have an in-house design team that can create offers with customized sweeps prizes, exclusively for you! (Just ask!) ✅ We can even create the pre-landers for you, AND host them! We’re not just an affiliate network that provides offers and that’s it. Our founders have 10+ years’ experience working in the industry. We know how the traffic works, we know how the offers work. We provide you with offers, landers, pre-landers, and know-how - everything you need to make serious profits. Reach out to us now - let’s make some bank together! >> Start Running with the Best Sweeps Network Today! A Follow-Along’s Final Chapter + One Red STM Squirrel 🐿️ How can a squirrel teach you affiliate marketing, ye ask? Watch closely. I’ll let @larsometer speak for himself: “This is my last post. The day has come to write the final chapter of my Follow Along. The reason for this is pretty simple: Every book ends once the story is told. My mission was to make it in the AM World. More specifically: I wanted to make enough money so that I could live from it.” Wipe a manly tear, and carry on down the page… “But hey, somehow I made it through all the dark days and even weeks, again and again…” It took this man 2 years to build confident affiliate marketing skills. A normal timeframe for anyone mastering a new industry. But that’s all besides the point. Despite STM, networking & hard work, @larsometer still had to face his demons all alone. Fears take many shapes & forms: perfectionism control issues catastrophizing feeling too stupid / not enough being unable to concentrate/getting distracted by little things (basically being in alarm mode) being unable to relax This is where the Red Squirrel chimes in. “Long story short... all of the sudden a red squirrel came to visit me every morning. We became friends, squirrel learned to trusts me and finally brought all his friends to me.” With ample opportunity to observe and study squirrels, @larsometer got taught priceless lessons. Red squirrels are, and I quote again: extremely curious they move quickly and know no obstacles committed to the max, when they smell a nut they try everything to get it (really everything, no matter how sneaky) they crack every nut no matter how big playful and lighthearted The rest of this priceless bullet list’s continued inside… P.S. A few posts down ye’ll find @larsometer’s most important catalyst for success, coupled alongside 4 crucial success factors. >> Pluck This Thread & Tuck It In Yer Bookmarks, Go Here << I Feel Like Quitting An STM nooblet cries for help: “I hate to write this, but I am extremely overwhelmed. My positivity and mindset is just not there at the moment. I enjoyed creating camps and running them initially, but, I've been dreading this entire process for about 2 weeks now. I can not figure out how people make a living doing this when it seems so inconsistent. One creative works well in one camp, and then completely fails in I try it again, or do I scrap it? Was it the image or the copy?” What’d ye think happens next? I’ll throw ye a couple of bones to gnaw on: @jaybot: “I quit every * day.” @fastaj: “I quit like 2-3 times for 1-2 months each time” @waynedouglas78: “I'm GLAD I quit all those times.” @larsometer: “I don't believe in positivity and mindset too much.” @brianaustin07: ”In the beginning of last year, I decided to give up on making affiliate marketing work for me consistently and got a full time job. “ Ring any bells? Basically, this thread’s priceless. Yours truly would repackage into a PDF and sell it to ye. Easily so. But I won’t. Here ye go, a link, yer welcome: >> Read Carefully, Here <<

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$6,200 in one day

By Administrator • May 04, 2022

$6,200 In One Day Revenue: $6235.48 Ad Spend: $2850 Inside this thread ye’ll find no more than a blurry screenshot, a big number, and a Clickbank screenshot. Nothing else. Nada. “Second affiliate offer I ever promoted. Very happy. Hope to keep it rolling” - @bogdankosilovstm Let me reiterate: that’s his second affiliate offer, ever. Who is this mysterious affiliate? How did he acquire such deadly media buying skills so quickly? What offer was he pushing? Why Clickbank? How? When? Where? TELL US. Yer questions may get answered inside, or they may not. Judging by how cold-blooded this dude is, we can’t be certain. But try we must. >> Give Yer Thanks Here << Newbie Profits & Curses In The Name of Free Speech…And Relief On the subject of free speech and Elons and Musks and various Tweets: “What a ** relief.”* – @augustus, the profitable newbie in question. There are now not one (hey @jaybot) but two official potty mouths on STM. And that’s fine–yer free to express yerselves on STM. Vent the red campaigns out. Be yourself and share. Here’s the good bit: “My first foray into paid traffic for AM is the Smartlink tutorial. Thank you for that vortex (I'm running green after only a few days, only not in a scalable way. But I'm still green) My goal is to learn as much as I possibly can, and give back to this community as I grow in knowledge and experience…” Allow me to go full-gen-Z and give ye the unthinkable–not one, but two emojis: 👍👍 (am I doing this right?) Welcome aboard @augustus. Now if every other lurking newbie were to show up that’d be great. P.S. Let me puff our chests out real quick too with another quote: “First off, this place is a gold mine. Thank you to those responsible for it. The last time I was even close to this excited was when I discovered the old 2007-2011 era WickedFire threads” >> Give Yer Warm Welcomes Here << Purposefully Leaked TikTok Creatives @stungads is “swimming in a pool of medium rare(red) juice beef”. That’s a nod to his TikTok stats. Here be some screenshots: Blessed be his affiliate soul for being fully transparent. “I want to make this a weekly progress/journal so I can keep myself accountable of launching campaigns daily.” “I plan to be as transparent as possible with my results so 1) I can inspire those that are new to TikTok to take consistent action, 2) *Trying various creatives *and banging your head against the wall is also part of the process.” The best-est part? He has uploaded every single TikTok creative to Youtube, so that we can all learn. P.S. Yours truly has heard whisper-say of a legendary mod about to jump in there and throw pro tips on these creatives. Ye may want to flick open this thread in a tab, and get that F5 button red hot. Yer welcome. >> Subscribe To This Thread Here…Now <<

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$180,000/month by Senpai @Jaybot

By Administrator • April 27, 2022

$180,000/Month Revenue – Senpai @Jaybot Strikes Again STM’s very own campaign senpai pulls off the impossible. I swear, this Jaybot-san is STM’s version of Musashi Miamoto (FYI go read The Book of Five Rings right now, and no, there are no affiliate links you suspicious bastards). But ‘fore we do anything rash, stats. Let that jaw hit the floor: Push subs: Numbers: $150k spend. $181k revenue. $31k green for the month. Sigh But never mind these numbers. Inside this here thread lies Senpai @Jaybot’s true gold. Counter-intuitive lessons abound: like increasing bids when yer losing money. A boxing analogy. Fishies. An STM bag. Plus, an Olympic-size motivational booster by The Senpai himself. どういたしまして >> Bow Before The @Jaybot Here << [SPONSORED] Case Study: $70,848 Profit with Crypto in Brazil Traffic source: MGID Partner: Aivix Money earned: $189,390.00 Money spent: $118,541.59 Profit: $70,848.41 ROI: 60% GEO: BR I wanted to share my experience with crypto offers — my failures and my successes — and what I learned by advertising them. In the beginning, I didn’t know the first thing about how to send traffic to crypto offers. That all changed when I bought a regular spy service for native advertising. With this tool, I took inspiration from the many pre-landing pages and creatives I found there. At that time, Aivix had just launched in Brazil, and I decided to test it out. Right away, I realized the converting fire of driving traffic to crypto offers — it is super profitable! The payment for Brazil was $300 per deposit at first, and gradually the rate increased to $325. In the end, we agreed on a rate of…[Read more] >> Download the Full Case Study Here << The full case study reveals Aw: The EXACT ADS used to produce profits The 6 headline text variations used Screenshots of the BEST-CONVERTING pre-landers! A list of green MGID sites/placements that made 4 to 5-figure revenues - EACH! OS’s that didn’t convert (that you can exclude from your targeting) The best categories to target on MGID More screenshots of tracker stats And more! >> Download the Full Case Study Here << STM-Style Anti-Anxiety Lessons @onlinehustler’s got an e-book about anxiety. And he wants to sell it…on-line. He’s got a striking red line lander. A burning desire to cure people’s anxiety–while pocketing countless dollarydoos doing so. And a banned Google ad account a few hours later… Will STMer’s be able to provide apt advice? >> Ye Be The Judge, Here << The TikTok Craze, Continued Here be a few TikTok threads up yer alley. While yer all trying to sort this brand-spanking new beast out. Remember this one from last week? Yesn’t? It’s got some developments. Or maybe ye missed it. Agency accounts. Top affiliate networks to roll with. Things NOT to ever do with yer ads. And way more. Follow-along: TikTok Challenges … Here’s a follow-along to keep an eye on. FYI the guy said we should go easy on him, since he’s new. Go thank @vortex, right now: Complete List of Tiktok Targeting Categories( (Interests & Behaviors) “For those of us running on Tiktok and targeting by interests or behaviors, it can be annoying having to click open all the different categories to see what options are available. I had all the categories compiled into an excel file for easy reference - thought I'd also share it here in case it helps some of you.” Follow-along: TikTok Made Me Do It – @stungads hath joineth the TikTok game. Plus @ianfernando throws in a bit of juicy advice.

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👍 Little-Known Traffic Source Gets 2 Thumbs Up

By Administrator • April 27, 2022

Little-Known Traffic Source Gets 2 Thumbs Up How’d ye like my red borders? I know, but yer gonna love this: Trafficsource Review: 💎 Hidden Push Gem 💎 gets green numbers. It’s fresh. It’s new. And you should sink your teefies in deep. Lazy Neo’s signature Trafficsource Reviews have added yet another gem to the treasure chest. Here’s your appetizer: And here be the holy numbers, this bad boy converts. Out of 8 (9) total campaigns, two winners: Campaign 7 conversions: 156 Campaign 7 Cost: $60.49 Campaign 7 revenue: $93.53 Campaign 7 profit: $33.04 Campaign 8 conversions: 569 Campaign 8 Cost: $223.27 Campaign 8 revenue: $287.16 Campaign 8 profit: $63.89 Total results Total cost: $333.37 Total revenue: $427.67 Total profit: $94.3 This has been tested with funnels and offers that convert, are stable and have had a metric ton of data. @twinaxe’s final verdict? Thumbs up. The juicy details are inside, as per usual. Yer welcome. P.S. Thank @larsometer for securing an STM discount code when you deposit your first 100 USD - STMOCT10 >> Launch Yer Campaigns Now << [SPONSORED] Are you constantly struggling to find high performing offers? We understand that having the right offers can be the difference between negative ROI and positive ROI. We have close connections with almost every Nutra advertiser in the game and probably ones you haven’t even heard of yet that are crushing! Ad Hive is honored to be a sponsor on STM and is excited for the opportunity to work with this legendary community. STM is where we started as noobies and now that we are seasoned veterans, we are excited to be circling back and providing value here. WHO ARE WE? With over a decade of experience in Affiliate Marketing we are able to provide exclusive offers at high payouts with EPC’s that beat the competition. We’ve done it all. From being publishers to advertisers, to becoming a network. We know the in’s and out’s of Affiliate Marketing and what it takes to be successful. WHAT SEPARATES US FROM THE REST? We aren’t just any Affiliate network. We are experienced advertisers and are able to identify performance issues and fix them. We keep tight communication with our advertiser partners and make sure that approval rates are high, advertisers funnels are optimized, and your target EPC’s are being met. We also have top tier offers owned in house! OFFER PREVIEWS >> Get the HOTTEST Offers ! << CONTACT: Meet our VIP Affiliate Managers! ARTY BA Telegram: @Tratata090 Email: Skype: cid.88711572d1ff0bc0 GREG FERRIS Telegram: @GregxAdHiveNetwork Email: Skype: cid.d4e7cb3dfc135613 >> Get the HOTTEST Offers ! << PiPiAds TikTok Spy Tool - An STM Review TikTok’s hawt, in case ye haven’t noticed. And there’s a serious spy tool draught. There’s one making rounds but is it any good? Well, PiPiAds, are you worth the $155/month price tag? Go see what legendary @matuloo has to say about this. “TikTok has been growing in popularity like mad, so I decided to give it a try as well. And since I like to make my life easier, I started to look for a good TikTok Ads spytool. I did some research and one tool seemed to stand out by far, most of the bloggers and reviewers would claim that PiPiAds (strange name, isn't it?) should be the best one.” Plus, another legendary STM founder, @bbrock32, seems to be back – you could say things are getting interesting. >> Go Read The Full Thing Here << The Eternal Tracker Battle Royale Should you Voluum? Should you FunnelFlux? Should you Binom? Should you Redtrack? Eternal affiliate questions. Answered for the umpteenth time by legendary affiliates. >> Go Seek Answers << Ends 27.04.2022 – Literally Last Chance To Snag Yer Tickets Unless ye’ve been living under a rock, allow me to refresh yer memories by copy-pasting this here bit by @vortex: “We're offering all STM affiliate members FREE tickets to the Ad World AND Ecom World conferences in May! That's a total value of $1798 for free *, just for being an elite STM member!” Yes. And yes, to both questions you’re thinking. Here’s when they happen: Ad World (May 2nd-3rd, 2022) - Ecom World (May 4th-6th, 2022) - Look at dem price tags. Now look at the word ‘free’ just above. >> Go Grab Yer Tickets Now <<

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😼 TikTok Ad Pro Tips

By Administrator • April 12, 2022

Futureproof TikTok Ad Blueprint How ‘about a TikTok ace of spades up yer affiliate sleeve? @matuloo posted this bad boy, summarised, on the forums: Get Ahead of the Game on TikTok: Advertising Blueprint for the Future ‘Tis a summary of the presentation held by Savannah Sanchez (Google ‘Social Savanah’) at the very first EcomWorld online conference. And it’s dope. Here’s why: She explains why your targeting strategies must be broad from the get-go Creative best practices that pull on yer customers’ emotional strings, plus waaaayy more rapid no-nonsense tips Key takeaways, working with creators, storytelling, trendy effects, %_insert_key_tip_here% >> Go Download These Slides Here << [Sponsored] * New * Auto-Optimization Tool + $100 Bonus Campaign optimization doesn’t need to be time-consuming or difficult! PropellerAds has JUST released a new tool - it will cut down on your workload (for CPC Push and Interstitial campaigns). It’s called Rule-Based Optimization! How does Rule-Based Optimization work? The feature is available on the Create Campaign page. You can create an auto-rule for your campaign using a number of parameters: Spend, conversions, CPA, ROI, CR, time period, etc. Here is what it looks like: Just specify the parameters, and the system will adjust your campaign performance accordingly! Easy peasy! When to use Rule-Based Optimization: Your CR is pretty high. Increase the bid to get more traffic, while using CPA as a second parameter to make sure your target CPA is still being met. Some zones aren’t converting. Exclude them quickly with rules. Your CPA is way too high compared to the CPS. Decrease zone bids gradually until the CPA becomes acceptable. Try Rule-Based Optimization and Get a Bonus! Launch your campaign with PropellerAds today, both to create profitable campaigns, AND get a $100 Bonus: Register Use the code "100_STM" Deposit at least $500 and get an extra $100 Only 20 promo codes are available! So act fast! >> Try Rule-Based Optimization TODAY! << How About Dem Creatives? Oh, ye thought we were done? Nay. Here be some more epic slides, ‘cuz STMers be shy again, and this here gold needs love. Mirella Crespi, Founder and CEO at PixelHaus Media and Creative Milkshake, unveils the curtains on what makes ad creatives that sell. Keyword: sell. Ye want to tuck this one in yet bookmarks, too. Lemme give ye a little taste: The fastest-growing advertisers test 11x the creatives than their counterparts. These are the bits ye can control, and ye want them to sell. Mirella calls these wizardies the ‘Creative Strategy Triangle’: Mirella presented the framework that they rely on in order to source content, produce creatives and test them to find scalable ads. Strategy - How to think about Ads Creative Production - How to make Ads Optimization - How to test and iterate And yes, @matuloo goes into painstaking detail inside. Go get it. >> Go Download THESE Slides Here, Too << A TikTok Kickstarter From The OG HimSelf Should ye have these 2 very same questions: "How should I start, may be some tutorials or Threads I should read before starting. What kind of offers I should run on TikTok and what are the networks I should approach for the offers.” Then ye should listen to the TikTok legend, Big ScottyG himself, when he speakeths: There’s a specific TikTok guide by a specific STMer that’s a must-must read before ye get started. There’s a specific guy on YouTube whose videos ScottyG watched when he was starting out. There’s a reason why ye want to start with low payout videos and why ye must never steal videos/creatives. But the juiciest bits? Revealed inside ye’ll find a list of ScottyG’s highest-earning networks. Oh, and the sweetest, most juicy bit? He’s arranged a contact at the #1 invite-only network. Yer welcome. >> Dive In Her ASAP If You Do TikTok << This Week’s Freshly Minted STMers – Go Say Hi @vortex, on behalf of the entire STM team, welcomes these freshly minted STMers aboard our wild affiliate ship: @stormy @keer101 @trafficoctopus @httpool @gauravahlawat142 @digimetric @kapow12 @biamopartners @trader2022 @biacaponi @reaqdy @bighadj @fr0zen @buingocvan110011 When ye get aboard ye can do 2 things: Introduce yourselves If you’re an affiliate nooblet, start here >> Go Give ‘Em A Warm Welcome <<

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([NSFA] $3 MIllion Facebook Ad

By Administrator • April 06, 2022

The $3 Million Dollarydoo Facebook Ad The $3 Million Dollarydoo Facebook Ad For your unfortunate subscriber eyeballs, she’s censored–headline to CTA. A gaussian blur and & googly eyes is all ye get. Except if you’ve an STM account. Then ye get to see all the goodies of what makes a $3 million dollah Facebook ad. It’s deceptively simple, lemme tell ye. And ye get to see how and why it works. And how to apply this to yer affiliate campaigns. Bless our senior mods for unveiling all these golden bits of info for us street affiliate plebs to learn from. There is and there’s going to be tons more like this here gem. And yes, yer welcome. >> See The Uncensored Version Here << [Sponsored] Make $5k in 3 Weeks With Dating Offers! Having trouble picking offers to promote? Below are 5 Gold Criteria for Picking Winning Offers (recommended by Inna Ustiuzhyna, Affiliate Manager at CPARK): 1. Offers that are simple-to-understand, where users can understand right away what they’re signing up for. Nobody likes long explanations! 2. Offers that allow lots of traffic types and platforms, preferably including free traffic. 3. Offers that will allow you to quickly get actionable data, e.g. CPL (cost-per-lead) offers with relatively low payouts. 4. Offers that are scalable, i.e. in demand and accept traffic from many geos. 5. Offers that have longevity and are stable, and will not become irrelevant anytime soon. You know which vertical has TONS of offers that fit ALL 5 criteria? The Dating Vertical! Why is dating a good vertical for beginners? Dating is HUGE - with offers available in many sub-niches. Most dating offers are CPL, which means easy conversions. We’ve seen newbies that make over $5k in a few weeks in adult dating! Here are some numbers for an actual case study: Offer: AmourFactory Network: CPARK GEO: USA Traffic source: Snapchat Time period: 24.02 - 17.03.2022 Spend: $3954 Revenue: $9835 Profit: $5881 ROI: 150% Interested? Sign up with CPARK now to get access to the best dating offers! (And get 10% extra bonus added to your first payout!) >> Test out the best dating offers with CPARK now! << A Gift For Doing Nothing…But Expires Soonish Psst…you there. You with the fancy affiliate wizardries. Yes, you. Ye want sum free tickets? Now that I got yer attention with that 3 million dollarydoo FB ad, and since ye couldn’t stop reading line after line, here’s the steal: You know these two bad boys? 1) 2) You see these price tags? That’s gonna be a total of $1798 in May. That’s many dollarydoos by my precise calculations. But all you have to do to get ‘em fo free is…nearly nothing *. *All ye have to do is keep reading STM until May. P.S. This is all gone in about 20-ish days. Better-written details by @vortex inside. Your move, tiger. >> Fetch Yer Ticket Details Here 'Fore It's Too Late << Freshly Dusted Shiny Threads From STM’s Ye Olde Archives Stay awhile and listen… There are lessons and wisdomries that stand the test of time. They are eternal. This ain’t The Zucc’s ever-changing mood and CPMs. These are tried and true principles. And they need not apply to newbies only, but to experienced white beards too. Here ye go: >> 12 Biggest Newbie Mistakes You Can Avoid (Part 1) << >> How to Cut Placements, Landers and Banners - Part 2 <<

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$3000/week Profit on FB

By Administrator • March 30, 2022

$3000/Week Running Pin App Installs on FB Listen fellas, if there’s a will there’s a way with The Zuck. Bans be damned, you can run certain offers somewhat freely. App installs. Pin submit app installs, to be more precise. Let me throw some stats at ye: Vertical: pin-submits Source: Facebook Dates: 27.02 - 05.03 Spend: $3 227,5 Income: $6 159,21 Geo: SA, KW, EG, ZA ROI: 91% Oh, and ye might wanna read through “the fine details”: Ah yes, and there’s a thing called ‘unicalizing software’–without it, this won’t work. See inside. >> Absorb Knawledge And Give Thanks Here << [Sponsored] Where Are the Highest-Converting Sweepstakes Offers? ZeyDoo has sweepstakes offers that are converting like CRAZY! 🔥 Below are some tips to help you make bank with these offers! The Best Funnel Flow: 👉🏻 Pop or Push Traffic 👉🏻 Prelander 👉🏻 Offer Highest Conversion Flow: 👉🏻 Onclick to Prelander. Expect conversion rates of 0.05 to 1.41% (depending on the prelander). Best Prelanders: We recommend to test all of the standard designs: Spinning wheel, short survey, and gift boxes. >> Access the Best-Converting Sweeps Offers Now! << The ZeyDoo CPA network has offers from the largest direct advertisers. Some stats: 🔹 1200 offers 🔹 15 million conversions per day 🔹 25,000+ active partners 🔹 8 years in arbitration Main verticals are: Finance, sweepstakes, mobile content, smart offers, utilities and many others. In addition, ZeyDoo is: The best Financial Partner network according to Affbank Awards 2021 First in the list of "Top 10 Best Affiliate Networks" according to the Peak AffLIFT Award 2021 >> Sign Up with ZeyDoo Today! << Roaring TikTok Creative Pro-Tips There’s one word on the affiliate streets – ’TikTok’ TikTok’s buzzing and brimming with affiliates. It’s hawt. But it’s racist. And static images, pointy arrows, stock photos and a pro looking creative are a no-bueno. (examples inside, of course) Don’t make yer creatvies ad-like. That’s what @stungads’ been testing. And that above over there is what Big ScottyG said not to do. >> TikTok Made Him Do It, so you don’t have to << Big ScottyG Slams Shut A Newbie’s Big Dreams A slap is a slap. If you’ve ever wanted to see a newbie’s dreams get crushed, this is yer chance. Here’s one such dream - “Lemme spend $300 on this here offer and I’ll turn that into $3mil in no time babeh. Ez Lambo.” How much dollarydoos do ye think ye need to throw at ecom offers before ye get these angles green? $300? Slap. $500? Slap. One thousand? Slap. Higher. Try $X,XXX to $X,XXX (oddly specific). And a total of, like, $30k testing high-ticket angles. For one offer. >> More Insights Here << Fresh Affiliate Blood – Go Say Hi A warm welcome to the lands of STM for the freshest batch of affiliate-afficionados. Let’s go get these brand-spanking-new STMers out of the shadows and into the red-and-black depths of STM. @360Affiliates @extwealth1 @zch2022 @cosmicray @dubmill @vairon @fragesper1 @7010050 @adfirm_admin @seanjh @anacona @amir13128 @smtleon @long8889 @dable_richard @j_solo @nickalaus @brybesquad @kenny_scale @fulmaster @englishjj @hagolo9 @jacopoterzopolo @duckling @sunxca May yer servers work tirelessly. May yer offers convert like wildfire. May yer landers get dem clicks. May yer campaigns be evergreen. Godspeed. >> Go Say ‘Welcome’, Now <<

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🗡️ 127k/mo Revenue

By Administrator • March 22, 2022

🗡️ 127k/mo Revenue You in for a mid-week shockeroo? Take a damn good look at this thread. Look at it. The man’s spent ninety-five-thousand-dollars in a month, to end up with $127,000 revenue. And $32,000 green. All hail Master @Jaybot. Unlike the last SW sequels…this here STM sequel is worthy of praise. And it was about time. Page after page after page of endless, persistent, determined, hair-pulling, relentless action – it finally happened. * wipes manly tear * He’s made everyone proud. >> What ye should do right now is go hit the thanks button as many times as you can << [Sponsored] How to Create Profitable Native Campaigns? Been wanting to explore native traffic with native, display and video ads? Check out MGID’s 6 steps for creating profitable native campaigns below! 1) Choose a Quality Traffic Platform - Consider the global advertising network MGID, where 96% of the traffic is fraud-free. 2) Choose an Offer - Do your research to find out which offers convert best. Tip: Financial offers (banking, financial and insurance) have always performed well on MGID. (You can also ask your account manager for trends on geos and verticals.) 3) Prepare Creatives - Start split-testing from the beginning! Make a few different creatives and pre-landers (make sure they follow >> MGID’s guidelines) 4) Choose Your Bid - MGID has tools that can recommend how much to bid, and tell you how much traffic you can expect to get. 5) Choose Your Targeting - MGID allows you to target by geo, browser, devices, etc. Tip: Start with broad targeting to get data, then narrow down according to results. 6) Optimize and Scale - After collecting initial data, start optimizing your campaign! Replace creatives and pre-landers that aren’t working, with new ones to test, to increase your CTR and CR. Refine your targeting to exclude low-performing traffic segments. Use MGID’s Selective Bidding Tool to exclude sources that aren’t getting good results, or lower your bid for them. Increase the bid on sources that are performing well to make more profits! Your account manager will happily help you with optimization and scaling! >> Sign Up to MGID Now - Start Making Profits! << ScottyG’s “Classic Grind” on TikTok I don’t recall if we’ve covered this one, but a refresher won’t hurt, cuz TikTok’s hawt. What do ScottyG, TikTok and case-study have in common? Big numbers. Big insights. Big secrets. This is what the man calls a “classic grind”. “It’s very unhealthy, but can be very profitable.” If you’d like to see ScottyG’s greatest “secrets”: How many offers you have to test How much you should spend per offer (and when to pause both leadgen and ecom offers) How to automate testing More, tons more “TL;DR: Out of 30 offers I tested, 2 are 30% ROI, 1 is 175%~ ROI and the rest sucked.” >> “Secrets” Revealed Inside, Clicky Here << TikTok to Launch Search Ads? Get in there–right now. TikTok’s launching search ads. Let me repeat that–TikTok is launching search ads. What does this mean? It means ye need to sink yer teeth in deep the moment they go live. Yes, ye all need to get in on TikTok ASAP. Early bird gets the worm. Yer welcome. >> Go Now << Do You Enjoy Working For Others? Inspired by Japanese working culture, @duckling asks if ye’d be a gray-haired old man swinging other people’s affiliate offers in yer wheelchair? Or would you create your own product? In this thread ye’ll find boundless wisdom ‘for’ and ‘against’ working for others. Plus, ‘mafia’ has now officially joined Ca$hvertising’s ‘The Life Force 8’ core desires, now 9. Here’s a summary of said core desires I found on a blog: 1) Not dying 2) Satisfying hunger and thirst 3) Not being afraid of your surroundings—being out of harm's way 4) Sexual companionship 5) Physical comfort—not being in pain 6) Feeling superior to others 7) Protecting your loved ones 8) Social approval and being accepted in a social group 9) Mafia. Jokes aside, this hath turneth into another thread-gem of the finest quality. >> Go Join The Discussion <<

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